MoJo Journal 2006: Thank You Congressional Pages...

This is it everybody. Book number three, and the second in my MoJo book series. One year ago I unveiled the MoJo Quarterly with the goal of releasing a book every three months. That was a stupid expectation. Annual is where it's at. So I'm happy to present the best of my 2006 work.

Inside you'll find the best of my essay writing, mostly from my blog but also with my first published Weekly Dig piece -- I'm now a columnist there. It's also chock full of MoJos (a/k/a momentary jokes way better than Leno) and, new this year, photos!

Featured items inside include:

  • Why is Colin Powell Still Talkin #$@!???

  • Ahh!!! I Just Wanna Rape Kerry Healey Right Now!!

  • and

  • Jesus Wants YOU to Use EZ-Pass

I'm again releasing it under Creative Commons, so use the material. Just cite me and tell me about it!

It's a free PDF download.


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