Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

BIG writing announcements today, folks.

1. I am now a bi-monthly (that's twice a month) columnist for Boston's Weekly Dig!!

And you all have earned a treat. Back in November, I wrote about a nasty experience I had with the MBTA and a bus driver. Then I pulled it down while I went through some "legal" steps. Ultimately there was no major outcome, except for this new and improved retelling...

How I Almost Got a T Stop Named After Me

2. I've just released my third book! Yes, THIRD.

One year ago, I released the "MoJo Quarterly" best of 2005, and it was downloaded over 2,500 times. The idea was to release a book every three months. The idea was stupid. Annual is better. The title of the new "MoJo Journal" is.... (drumroll)

Thank You Congressional Pages!! (for being so damn sexy!)

This is a best of 2006 writing, MoJos and now photos. Free to download. $1 for a hardcopy.

Other matters.


These are two brothers from Boston who are ridiculously hilarious. They are leaving Boston and moving on to big badass things in the entertainment industry out in Los Angeles. Before they go, here are some east coast shows:

Feb 3, NYC at the UCB Theatre

Feb 9th and 16th weekends at Jimmy Tingle's Theatre in Boston

Seriously, check them out while you can. These dudes are so original and so funny. See them while you can afford the tickets! Really. This is an official Baratunde endorsement, which I bestow rarely


That's all