I gave it my best shot and had a great set but didn't quite impress the judges enough. I will not be moving on to the finals of the Boston Comedy Festival. Thanks to all for the support, etc, and congrats to those moving on (Myq Kaplan, Dan Sally, Victor Varnado and Jim Tews).

I have one more show in Boston for this trip, tonight at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. 8pm. Come say goodbye and watch me break out some new jokes! I'm taking my teeny weenie afro-wearing, politically-minded, poetically-styled comedy back to the Big Apple in a few days.
Update @ 3:56pm: here's Bostonist's take on my performance

Baratunde Thurston is funny, but he looks so much like Cornell West that we kept expecting the humor to end and the sociological analysis to start. Still, his confident spoken-word-style delivery was a definite innovation in the mostly mumbly, self-deprecating world of comedy. Additionally, the world would surely be a better--or at least more hilarious--place if we all drove around with messages like “Baby in Trunk” emblazoned around our license plates as Thurston suggests.