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There was mass hysteria in Boston today, and I missed it. A guerilla marketing campaign for the movie version of one of my favorite shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, was interpreted as a bomb scare and shut down the transit system.

Police actually detonated the "devices" which were LED boards of Err the Mooninite doing what he does.

Mayor Menino is threatening legal action.

I love this city.

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Update Feb 1 @ 12:01pm
this city is soooo stupid. Check out the cover of today's Boston Globe. I don't really have enough time to blast on this, but essentially the Boston AND state governments (that's right. Gov. Hope is in on it as well as the Attorney General) are all red and tight in the face because they got punked by their generational pop cultural ignorance coupled with a "post 9/11" hysteria that somehow managed to NOT happen in such "terr-prone" cities as Los Angeles and New York City. Because of this, the officials here arrested the artists involved and have threatened to lobby the FCC to revoke Turner Broadcasting's license. They say they spent $500K on anti-terror efforts. Why should the Mooninites pay because YOU'RE stupid?? No wonder people don't take this city seriously.

The only thing this incident really proves is that the Mooninites might be as powerful as they've claimed. Watch out Earth!