Hey hey hey literate people!

I have found myself in the strangest of positions. I cannot talk! At least, I have severely limited my speech due to some vocal straining issues. Do you have any idea how hard it has been to live without the sound of my own voice? It started about a month ago but was improving until last week, when I found myself in the middle of JetBlue's greatest failure ever.

I was trapped at JFK overnight and used my powers of speech for good: to entertain other lost souls. It was my longest running, most improvised comedic set ever. It turned out to be an amazing journey, one that you can read about in my column running for the Weekly Dig next week. I don't know how it is that I find myself in the middle of crazy situations like this, but there I was.

Some photos of the ordeal:

Back to the updates.

I was traveling to perform in the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition & Festival. I did not advance to the next round, but I had hella fun. The Bay Area is one of my favorite places on Earth, and I finally got to spend time in Oakland. If you're in the area, head to "Lois the Pie Queen" for a meal. Really.

See photos of my performance:

I met some really amazing comedians including these hilarious clowns named Vanessa Fraction and Keisha Hunt. They could not get enough of my name! Check out the videos I caught of them.

My Name is Baratunde - Ghetto Remix


I Wish My Name Was Baratunde

Thanks to all who came out to my showcase at the competition and to the Laughing Liberally San Fran edition. That show was hot!

Despite the voice challenges, I've got three shows this weekend for which I'm saving my instrument. They're all in my current hometown of Somerville MA

@ Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre


- hosting the 7:30pm show feat. headliner Chance Langton

- performing on the 10pm late show hosted by Tim McIntire


- performing on the 10pm late show hosted by Jimmy Tingle


- check out a sketch group I'm part of do its thing at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Sq. I won't be performing, but you should go because I told you to.

And for those of you not in the Boston area, The Front Porch Podcast has been re-activated. You read that right! I've released a special Black History Month edition at the request of Shelley the Republican where you can find it, or at my own website.


- I'm fortunate to have the most talented and amazing friends in the world. Three of them are women who have released books within a month of each other. I'll plug each one as soon as I finish them all, but they are amazing. Much better than that free PDF crap I get away with

- March 9 - 18 I should be in Austin, TX for South by Southwest. Holla if you're around

/ has all the show info, podcast and blogadociousness you need.

check out my latest "book"


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