this is what bugs the hell out of me about those damn "get a mac" ads and generally makes me want to punch a baby over apple products in general.

this company is the most self-absorbed, arrogant and smug organization on the planet. it has created an image of "it just works -- tee hee" and "we never have problems."

that's not goddamned true!! i'll let you in on a little secret: macs crash. oh yeah. and sometimes, software doesn't work right. yep. and get this: upgrading isn't fool-proof either. what a bunch of lying biatches.

I just spent two hours trying to cross-grade to final cut studio and keep getting booted out of the process with no explanation. I just get

There were errors installing the software. Please try again.

I try again, and guess what?

There were errors installing the software. Please try again.

How about you explain the error, huh? This is bullshit. I hope Steve Jobs goes to jail over the stock option scandal and hackers develop badass Mac viruses to humble these bastards. And for the love of God, kill those f---ing commercials!!#@$!@#$@! You should not be allowed to run those motherf---ing commercials while I suffer over your shitty product!!!!!!!!!@#$@#$@!#$!@#$%

damn i'm frustrated.

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