The Whitest Man Ever

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I wasn't regularly around white people until the 7th grade when I started going to Sidwell Friends, a private school in DC. It was a shocking cultural introduction. I learned that it was incorrect to "ax" people questions. I learned that a Bat Mitzvah is not a Batman-themed Halloween Party. And, I learned that white people possess a superhuman ability to withstand cold weather, as evidenced by completely insane winter wardrobe choices.

This final observation was reinforced when a friend sent me the following story today.

Dutch "Iceman" to climb Everest in shorts

KATHMANDU (AFP) - A Dutch daredevil is to tackle the world's highest peak wearing just boots, shorts, gloves and a cap, the expedition leader told AFP Wednesday

It's a white thing. I wouldn't understand.

It occurs to me we now have a way to finally settle the question of Barack Obama's blackness. If homey is caught this Winter jogging in shorts, he ain't black.

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