It's that time of the year known as spring cleaning, when we get rid of Winter baggage such as old clothes, furniture and has-been "shock jocks." Does America even need "shock jocks" like Don Imus anymore?

In the 80s and 90s, I could understand middle aged white male angst which lashed out at women and "the gays" and "the blacks." It can be hard sharing even an itsy bitsy amount of power, but we're in 2007, and that game is just so hack. Try something new.

Shock jock? Please. This is an age in which I can watch a presidential beheading or see a horse and a bald-headed midget make sweet love down by the fire while I listen to music that celebrates my genocide, watch a war which liberates people by killing them and eat "chicken nuggets" that must be injected with "chicken flavor" because we grow chickens that don't taste like chicken anymore. And "nappy headed hos" is the best you can do, Mr. Shock Jock?

That's my word on Don Imus. Let's get back to me.

* I promised a story of my worst night of standup comedy ever. Here it is:

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* I'm performing in DC this Saturday night as part of the DC Comedy Festival in two shows and am especially proud of one called "4 Shades of Black" which includes non-stereotypical black comics like me

> details @

* I'll be at Iowa State next week with comedians Bill Burr, Barry Crimmins and Tina Dupuy as part of First Amendment Day. Journalist Helen Thomas is the keynote speaker. This is why I'm hot ;)

* After attending podcamp NYC this past weekend, I resurrected my podcast (on Easter no less) for the last time. Meaning, it's on for real now with no more multi-month gaps and will feature a new name starting with the next episode. Goodbye, Front Porch Podcast. Hello, goodCRIMETHINKcast

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* Several friends and I have been working hard to establish a memorial scholarship fund for two amazing classmates who were killed halfway through college. I'd appreciate it if you all visited the site and spread the word or considered a donation


I'll see you nappy-headed hos later.
(see how that's not even funny?)