Update 07:33 am: problem solved. I just re-encoded the mp3 at a lower bitrate. all good now. Thanks, Mike, for being willing to help. I can go to sleep now

My podcast is not streaming correctly from either my blog or the main website. Check it out. Look at this blog entry, and you'll see a graphic that says "+ Audio MP3" Clicking on it results in garbled madness. But if you click on "download the mp3 file," it works fine. Also, earlier podcasts work with the flash player.

Similarly, look on my main website and try to play the most recent podcast with the blue play button. same garbage. but click on any previous episode, and it's fine.

Both the most recent and prior seven podcasts were made with Garageband, exported to iTunes and converted to mp3 in iTunes.

The files are hosted on different servers, cause i thought that might help, since the problem was there when they were on the same servers.

i have no idea what to do, and I want it to be easy for people to play the episode right in their browsers. this is so sad. i just decided to re-commit to the podcast, and this crap happens. makes me want to stick to text blogging and twitter. audio and video are a lot of work, and I don't have time for the b.s. associated with them. i started the podcast at 9:30pm, and it's 6am now.

how do people do it???