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My Weekly Dig column is out in print. The subject this week: peak oil production. The title (click for full piece): "After Oil" Here's the intro:
Warning: If you saw An Inconvenient Truth and thought, "Oh my God, we’re all gonna die," hold on to your sun hats.

While our leaders launch plans to reduce carbon emissions (kudos to Boston and the state for their recent announcements), an even more immediate and systemic problem is lurking, like Governor Patrick in a parking garage, threatening to derail much of our society.

There isn't nearly enough space in that column to address the ideas of peak oil production and the societal implications that follow. If you find this post, consider it a starting place to continue the conversation (but not in that hokey Hillary Clinton way). I'll be updating the post with email comments I get and with some links to resources I've come to like.

The book that started my doomsday scenario-making.

Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century

A blog I now read daily on issues of oil, population, energy, etc.

The Oil Drum

I saw a speech by the author of Guns, Germs and Steel on his new book


A ridiculous paper about a looming population collapse that got me back in my funk

Peak Oil, Carrying Capacity and Overshoot: Population, the Elephant in the Room

An inspiring talk by Majora Carter (of Sustainable South Bronx) given at the TED conference

Greening the ghetto

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