I have officially made it, my people. No, I didn't get a spot on Letterman. No, I haven't been invited to perform at the Montreal Comedy Festival. No, I will not be appearing on America's Next Top Survivor Standing and Eating Goat Testicles for a Shot at Fifteen Minutes of Dubious Fame.

I've blown up on YouTube!

A few days ago, a recent standup video I posted was selected as the Pick of the Day. It has been viewed over 15,000 times. But besides the number of video plays and immeasurable dollars I received as a result of such notoriety, the best part are the YouTube comments. My favorite is by "mooospot" who called me a "dumbass libral crackhead welfare sucker...."

That's the best press quote ever, and I've made it part of my official presskit over at http://www.sonicbids.com/baratunde

Check out the screenshot here:


This week's "Weekly Dig" has another one of my columns. It's a high school flashback and gets a bit into how a young radical is created. Consider it a glimpse at "the making of Baratunde." It's a good one.


As yall know, I love to promote myself, but I also like promoting other great artists. Here are my weekend pics for New York and Boston, starting tonight


Zebro, http://www.zebroshow.com

One of my favorite sketch groups. They have great videos online and a hilarious live show featuring super cool standup comics

People's Improv Theatre


154 W 29th St, Manhattan


Long As You're Living, a tribute to Oscar Brown Jr.


I saw this show when I was in NYC last week. It's incredibly good and cool. Oscar Brown Jr. was an artist and activist who reminded me a lot of my mother. Linda does a great job presenting not only his work but his life.

The Triad


158 West 72 St. (@ B'way)


Soulfege, http://www.soulfege.com/

I've known many members of this band since we cleaned bathrooms together in college. Now they're off to big things and have a management deal with with multi-platinum record producer and Eurythmics founder, Dave Stewart. This show will also feature another one of my favorite acts IN THE WORLD: The Foundation Movement, a ridiculously talented and TRUE hip-hop act.

I will be at this event, so let's hang together.

Get Tix at http://www.onslaughtentertainment.com/tickets

Bill's Bar

doors @ 8:30pm

5.5 Landsdowne St, Boston

- Baratunde Thurston

a proud dumbass libral crackhead welfare sucker