• manually patching permalinks in my movabletype to wordpress migration. 50 down, 150 to go. so. slow. #

  • migrated domain over to mediatemple. web traffic is moved but email is bouncing. boo #

  • thursday night a friend introduced me to a game, "Macala." now i am an addict #

  • oh shnap! webhosting and blog migration is complete. will be playing around with templates. /blog is much faster now #

  • hotDANG, wordpress posts MUCH faster than movable type. good RIDDANCE biatches!! good riddance indeed. yesSIR #

  • oh, if anyone knows of some hot three column WP templates i can build on, hit me with the @ or the DM. mercy buckets #

  • finally downloading pownce desktop app. critical mass of cool peeps are my friends. pray for my web services soul #

  • playing with wordpress plugins to continue the migration #

  • posted another blog article on "Is (insert name here) a Racist" building on @dykc http://urltea.com/zpo #

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