This is a seriously exciting time, my people! In this issue

  • I start writing for Huffington Post

  • Yet another hot column in the Weekly Dig

  • Comedy Central bestows official comedianness upon me

  • I get accepted into the Boston Comedy Festival

  • My website and blog get upgraded

  • Other words

Huffington Post

Folks, all my dreams are coming true! Sounds corny as hell, but they are. I dreamed of writing for the Weekly Dig and now have a column. I've admired Huffington Post for a minute and am now one of their bloggers. As with much comedy, my first post their is born of tragedy. See the result in How My Barber Made Me Feel Like a Republican, and be sure to read the comments too. I even have my own profile page on Huff Post which will link to everything I write for them. Bookmark that joint!

I've had the same barber for about the same amount of time that Bush has been president, and like many Republicans, I am loyal despite numerous embarrassing moments and outright failures. I can't pinpoint why I've been so loyal. There's something about the person who's in charge of your hair that engenders a sense of trust, loyalty and guilt at the notion of going to someone else.

Weekly Dig Column

I've been writing for the Dig for seven months, and this week is column number 15, Baratunde feels the burn. Here's an excerpt:
Our journey begins, as any real Boston journey should, at a Dunkin’ Donuts. This one is at Prospect Street and Somerville Ave. I’ll never be a real New Englander because I hate most things about Dunkin’ Donuts. The donuts suck, and the “coffee” is just liquified sugar. There are a few redeeming qualities in this particular location, however. First, it’s open 24 hours and serves as the second bathroom for my apartment.

Comedy Central hath comicked me

I'm in the Comedy Central directory of comedians! I exist! By the way, thanks for all who rolled to the Open Mic Fight competition last week in Boston. I did not make it to the next round, but I had a badass set. It was one of my best ever, and it was a real honor to work with so many of the Boston acts I respect. Congrats to the winner Pat Bocuzzi and the runner up, Myq Kaplan . Yall will have a chance to vote for Myq in a few weeks online. I'll ket ya know

Boston Comedy Festival

Last year, I turned in my application late. Not this year. I'm proud to announce I'll be performing/competing in the Boston Comedy Festival this year. I've already been given the date of my round, so mark it up in your calendars, or just link here where you can download it into your calendar directly

Boston Comedy Festival Prelim Round 1
October 7, 2007
Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault @ Remington's
124 Boylston St

New Website Emerging

Over the past two weeks, I've been moving webhosting companies and decided to change up my blog software as well. Last night, I went a little crazy and decided to move most of my stuff into the blog system too. It's not finished, but it's getting close. You'll find a smoother way to hear/see the podcast and eventually more. Click around and let me know what you think.

Other Words check it out!