my people. united. will never be defeated.

i'm not sure what that means in this context, but just listen up.

- Big NYC show this Saturday

- Big Boston show Tuesday

- Cool writing project to share


Big Fancy NYC Show Saturday July 7


My New York people, I have a special treat for you this Saturday. I'll be performing with some great Boston standup comics at the Broadway Comedy Club. If EVER there were a show for you NYC folk to see, this is the one. We're trying to get a huge crowd to make the taping as best as possible. "Did you say taping?" Why yes I did, this show is being pitched to several TV networks, and I'm asking you to be a part of it.

The sooner you can make your reservations, the better. Reservations, like race, matter. Try to get yours in by Wednesday.

please call 212-252-4255 to get your tix

or buy online at

it's $12 with reservation and $15 at the door

there is a 2 drink min

share this event with your NYC peoples


Fresh Faces of Boston

Broadway Comedy Club

318 W. 51st St, New York, NY


Big Fancy Boston Show Tuesday July 10


As I mentioned in the last NewsPhlash, I've made it to the regional round of Comedy Central's "Open Mic Fight." Come out and support some great Boston area comics


The Comedy Connection - Boston

1 Fanneuil Hall (2nd Floor Quincy Market)

Boston, MA

You get get tickets ($15) at


- Cool writing project to share


Since last fall, I have been blogging as "Jack Turner" on the political blog, "Jack & Jill Politics." It's a black perspective on U.S. politics, and I've realized there's no huge need for anonymity, so the veil hath been lifted.

On the site, you can find some unique, insightful and occasionally ground-breaking commentary and analysis on the U.S. political scene that might not be represented in more mainstream political blogs.

I'm proud of all the work up on that site from me and the other contributors who put in even more time: Jill Tubman, rikyrah and dNA.

Here's a recent article I cross-posted to Jack and Jill from my own goodCRIMETHINK

Incarcerex (video)

or check out Jill Tubman's great analysis

Impressions of Tavis Smiley's All-American Presidential Forum

I will start cross-posting my Jack Turner posts on my own blog, but please visit Jack & Jill Politics regularly. As this presidential campaign seasons heats up and the country continues to forget about Katrina and other issues important to black folks, J&J is a good place to be.


That's all for now. Hopefully, I've given up something for everyone. My New York people, I'll see you Saturday. My Boston people, next Tuesday it's going down. My new friends from Campus Progress (big up Salt Lake City), you've got some new writing of mine to dig at Jack & Jill Politics.

Special Treat for those who got this far. Photo of me and M1, half of the political hip hop duo, dead prez.

peace. i'm out.


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