Whenever I hear "black" and "awards" I think of that old In Living Color sketch featuring "The Black People Awards" with Tommy Davidson, David Alan Greer and others. The song gets all stuck in my head... "The black people awards. The BLACK people awards. You win. I win. He win. She win. At the Blaaaack People Awaaaards."

Now there's a blog version, The Black Weblog Awards, with past winners that include Thoughts of an Angry Black MF, Tiffany B. Brown, and lynne d. johnson. Please consider nominating some of my blogs for awards.

Jack & Jill Politics should be submitted using the following URL:

The best category would be Political/News

goodCRIMETHINK (my main blog) should be submitted using the URL:

The best categories might be Design, Humor, Personal, Political/News, Writing, Black Blogger Achievement or Blog to Watch

goodCRIMETHINKcast should be submitted using the URL

This would be in the Podcast category

Nominations can be made here.

Thanks yall!

UPDATE 17:55 on 14 August 2007, The deadline for nominations is tomorrow, August 15, by 4pm ET. Also fee free to nominate a particular post of mine that you thought rocked. There's a category for best single post. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe Apple Fans are Racists and Rapists.