ok. I just finished watching all the keynote video and the product walkthroughs. pretty stream of consciousness thoughts on stuff

I'm impressed, yes I am.

extended assessment

AppleTV2 is looking hot.

Movie Rentals
ok, this is better than Amazon Unbox.
i didn't realize you could transfer movies to your iDevices or watch on computer OR watch on TV. That's pretty big


  • the interface is a massive improvement. flickr integration is hot. search looks very good. YouTube on TV during the writer's strike. plus i can find youtube and podcast video of election-themed content. bye bye C-Span. oh yeah, and I haven't had cable VOD in years, but the ability to order movies from the couch is hotness.

  • My DVD ripping activities must now be intensified. Will go head and put the goodies in my iTunes library. just wish i could preserve chapters

  • What keeps me from ATV is all my "non-standard" video, but I might just have to go on a mass re-encoding spree with Visual Hub

  • I'm sure I'll have more money in my pocket if I sell the powerbook i'm using with Remote Buddy + Wiimote as a media center and purchase the $229 apple tv

  • yep, just checked ebay. Should be able to get at LEAST $500 for the pbook

conclusion: AppleTV2 check. awaiting sale of 15" Powerbook with minor bruise from a drop

MacBook Air

  • love the green aspects of the computer

  • love the remote optical drive concept

  • LOVE the multi-touch trackpad gestures.

  • still hate the small HD

conclusion: not acquiring. i'm happy with my MBP. may consider as replacement for friend's 12" PB once HD specs improve

Time Capsule

  • i like it whenever companies make backup easy

  • don't like the fixed nature of the storage. need expandability

  • i'm wary of wireless solutions. SOMETHING in my home is causing wifi to drop semi-regularly. thought it was my old aiport base station (now owned by a friend) but it's happening with the linksys too. possible culprits include TiVo and Wii

  • drobo is more robust and expandable

conclusion: not acquiring. will look at Drobo NAS and other possibilities. may start using Time Machine as my MBP is not being backed up effectively

iPod/Phone software updates

  • didn't realize it used wifi for fake gps location

  • multiparty SMS is great. finally.

  • they still need to fix: multiple icalendar support, MMS, contact search, bigger HD, 3G wireless

  • but overall gives me confidence that jailbreaking these devices is not necessary as apple will solve 95 percent of problems (you'll never be able to download torrents with them :))

iphone conclusion: no. am in contract w t-mobile. still want to avoid relationships involving NSA Telecom (aka AT&T)

ipod touch conclusion: looking for excuse to buy. if anyone wants to kidnap my 5G ipod video, i'm just saying...