I'm proud to announce my participation in...

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The Black Comedy Experiment
February 28 - March 1
The Tank NYC
279 Church St b/w Frankin & White

I suggest you get tickets for the entire weekend. (just $25 for access to 16 shows!)
and get them in advance. http://blackcomedyexperiment.com/tickets/

There are over 30 comedians involved in this thing. It's a big deal with big talent.

I'm involved in two shows

The White House hosted by Elon James White
Friday Feb 29 @ 11pm
Join host Elon James White (DC Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Company) along side his White House Cabinet --  Baratunde Thurston (Editor@The Onion), Hassan Madry (Opie and Anthony), Susan Prekel (Live at Gotham, Oxygen Network)
and others -- discussing some of the biggest issues in the worlds of
Politics, Entertainment and overall Bullshit. Featuring some comedic
shorts and a Special Guest Performance by Wil Sylvince (Def Comedy Jam 2008), The White House is sure to be a crazy time. Hail to the Chief.


Laughing Liberally - Black Comedy Edition
hosted by Baratunde Thurston, with Leighann Lord, Elon James White, Charles Star, and Robert George.
Saturday March 1 @ 8:30pm

Let me put it this way. I do several shows a week in NYC, and I rarely go out of my way to ask people to come.
If you've said to yourself, "I really need to see Baratunde on stage," now is the time.
If you have friends in NYC, tell them about this weekend. Do it!

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