Months ago, someone posted on one of my standup videos that I was a "dumbass libral crackhead welfare sucker." I loved that so much, I added it to my press kit.

Now the ante has been raised. I just got this via YouTube email

Subject: sUP

You look hideous in your profile picture (very low and thin forehead (resulting in a very small cranial space which in turn results in a much smaller then average brain size and from the looks of it possible mental retardation) ape-face and a simian shelf jaw) perhaps this could explain all the hollering and dancing around like a retard- you dont even look human, sorry to tell you but someone was bound to say this. This is what you look like barantunde.
Also, I should add, you have NO NECK. Couldnt amount to being more then a comic? SHIT

There are a lot of stupid people, and the Internet gives all of them the tools to express themselves. Also, dude misspelled my name.