Yesterday I taped an interview with CBC Radio's "The Current."

Similar to the Brian Lehrer show I did Tuesday, the subject was about satire and the New Yorker cover. We spent more time in this show talking about "is it hard for comics to make fun of Obama?"

I was partially repping The Onion, and my fellow guests were Aron Kader (of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour) and Greg Proops (of Who's Line Is It and all things awesome in comedy)

You can listen to the show live on CBC Radio online at 8:37am ET Thursday July 17. It will also be available at The Current's site later in the day.

BTW, the host kept insisting that George W. Bush was great for comedy because it was so easy to make fun of him. I strongly disagree with that. Bush was great for bad, hack comedy. Any president will be good for good comedy.