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What's good fam?

In just over a week, I land in Denver to start causing troub-- I mean, covering, the Democratic National Convention. Jill gets in a few days later. I don't have too many specifics planned. I'll be doing some standup throughout the week and speaking on a panel or two.

Taking a page from Gina's book at What About Our Daughters, we'd like to get your input on events, parties, meetings, secret strategy sessions or taquerias we should check out while we're out there. I also wanted to point you to some useful resources to help you follow the event from your computers, mobile devices and more

The Calendar - Help Us Decide

How You Can Help

Since there are more of you than there are of us, we'd love suggestions for what events you'd want to check out if you were there, speakers we need to see, places to go in Denver, etc. Leave em in the comments or email us. Also post any other calendar and schedule info you know of.

How To Follow From Wherever You Are

This will definitely be the most-covered Democratic convention ever, and you'll probably be able to see more from outside of Denver than those of us there. Here are a few resources

How You Can Help

Point us to other places to follow the convention. Recommended twitterers? bloggers? live video streamers? really loud people yellin on the corner?

The JJP Plan?

We're still working out our coverage plan, but here's what's certain:

We're considering some live-ish video/audio tech as well, but it's not settled, so stay tuned.

Got questions or suggestions for anything DNC-related. Drop em here.