Since about 10pm Saturday, this has been the status of my website, which is hosted by Media Temple on their "Grid Service" product line. I know things happen, but isn't it at all possible to change the look of this page? Right now, it throws up some scary cryptic message which makes ME look bad.

I'd prefer if it says something like "Baratunde Thurston, the consummate professional, shit-together-having dude, is suffering from technical problems at his webhost far beyond his control. We sincerely apologize for the damage our error is doing to his business and hope that you don't hold his choice of vendor against him when deciding to do business with Mr. Thurston in the future."

What makes the most sense to me is that they offer up a cached verstion of my home page at least. Had I known to expect a 36-hour outtage, I would have forwarded my domain to my twitter page, but I'll settle for a non-Biblical status reference.