New York City is rife with digital savvy and entrepreneurial vision, so much so that not only has social media permeated through Silicon Alley, but it’s stretching its reach to the arts, entertainment, and fashion.

A city with such density begs for community events that bring together people with a passion for the web as a social platform. With more than we can possibly list, the variety of New York’s events is nothing to scoff at as they continue to attract hundreds, if not thousands, on a monthly basis.

We’ve tried our hardest to present the best of the city’s offerings, but we know that this is only a sampling of the deserving individuals and organizations who are advancing a more social way of thinking in the Big Apple.

Mashable is one of the hottest sites covering "social media," and the folks there have been focusing on social media activity in a few key hub cities. In this one, they highlight NYC and mention me! Woohoo. That really is quite an honor, mostly because of the wide range of awesomeness encompassed by the other people, events and organizations they profiled.

Some of my favorites are included, like: lynne d johnson, Carrot Creative,, Gary V, Natali del Conte, 92Y, Caroline McCarthy, Internet Week and Boxee!!! Make sure to click through and check out the entire post. Click on the juicy ads... twice!