On Monday August 10th, I hosted a launch party for my new TV show, Popular Science's Future Of on the Science Channel (part of Discovery). I wanted to throw a massive public affair but was limited in space and time. We held the party at the lovely apartment of a generous friend. Words were said. Drinks were had. Television was watched.

Also in attendance were two flip cameras operated by my friend Rina Vazirani and Internet pioneer and video maven Bill Cammack. We have Bill to thank for integrating the footage and editing together this piece. I didn't have time to do the titling, but below the video, I'll give props to all who attended (or at least most). It was a great party for a cool new show, and I am humbled to have had so many luminaries, twitterati, facebookerati and just plain old good people honor me with their presence

You too can throw a Future Of watch party in your city. Just do it!

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hJlKgZjHJwA%2Em4v]

Guests In Attendance: