So I was trying to go to the local Bank of America branch to start a riot and sort out why they cancelled my check card when I noticed a large crowd gathered on the west side of Broadway between Prince and Houston. All were looking up. I asked three people, "what are you looking at?" All three answered, "I don't know. Everyone else is looking." Which is stupid.

Finally I made my way to the front of the crowd of followers and someone pointed to the top of a building on the east side of the street. "I think that part of the building is about to fall." You might be able to see it in the first of the photos above.

Cops had blocked off the street and sidewalk. Firetrucks occupied the middle of the street, and business as usual, at least in this one block, had stopped in New York, though most people had no idea why. Someone in California is reading this right now, and that person knows more about what's happening on a random NYC street than the people on that random NYC street.

Go Internet.

Also, I wasn't able to get to Bank of America, so the riot will have to be postponed.