After seeing some tweets from @Weelaura and @acarvin complaining about YouTube's autosharing notifications sent to twitter, I decided to look more into it.

The idea is great. "Socialize" your youtube activity by having it automatically post some of your actions to Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader. The problem is you can't fully control what gets shared inside YouTube vs. outside.

YouTube tracks all your activity on the service: rating, favoriting, watching, commenting, uploading, creating playlists, subscribing to channels and even the act of coming online.

Any of these actions can be made visible inside your "Activity Feed" on your channel page. See mine here:


Autoshare allows you to automatically share this activity feed beyond your YouTube channel page to connected services: Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader. What you cannot seem to do, however, is have a distinct set of settings for inside vs. outside YouTube.

I am fine with nearly all of my YouTube activity being visible in my activity feed inside YouTube (on my channel page), but I only want a subset of this activity to be autoshared via Facebook and Twitter. Primarily, I'm interested in my uploads and favorites being shared.

Simply put, YouTube should allow distinct controls for what gets reported on your channel page activity feed vs. what gets autoshared. Anything autoshared would be on your channel's activity feed, but the reverse should not be the case automatically.