To be clear, this year's list is not a "power and influence" list. It's a list of people in the NYC digital community who did really cool stuff. So if you're powerful and influential and you're wondering why you're not on the list, maybe you just spent the year sitting around on your powerful duff.

Well this is a nice surprise. Here I am working my ass off on some really cool stuff, and I find out I've been honored on a list of New Yorkers doing really cool stuff. We'll I'll be...

It's always nice to make a list of some sort, but it's actually nicer to see who else made the list, and while it's heavy on the testosterone, there is a diversity of TYPES of people that's nice to see. Here's the full set, and here are some highlights that got me really stoked to share a pageview-boosting slideshow with them 

  • Daily Beast founder Tina Brown
  • Soraya Darabi, formerly of the NY Times
  • Dennis and Naveen who lovingly built Foursquare, the app I use to run this town every night (h/t Rihanna)
  • Square founder Jack Dorsey whose invention will finally let me live out my dream of operating a cashles s brothel
  • The betaworks guys whose products (chartbeat, tweetdeck, twitterfeed and have changed my life
  • Jason Calacanis who is the best pitchman TWiT will ever have
  • Kenyatta Cheees & Ellie Rountree of hit show Know Your Meme which is one of the best shows ever in the history of sh and ows
  • Dan Allen, who I haven't seen since college. Congrats dude! This list is like Facebook all over again. 
  • Avner from Boxee, the service that allowed me to ditch cable, which I later had to add back to see my own show on Science Channel which is how I made this list in the first place. Ah circles. Life. Things!

and so many more kickass people and companies like, aviary, tumblr, mediaite, makerbot, chris hughes, nick billion. ok it's nick bilton, but i think he should have a stage name, and i think that stage name should be nick billion.

Awesome people. Awesome city. I'm stoked. Let's get crunk!