Dear Bostonia,

I'm in town for a conference and don't have the time to visit every single important person who lives here. What I do have time for, however, is eating and drinking. For those unfamiliar with my history of Office Hours, it's something I started doing as an undergrad to counter the lame office hours of professors. I'd have people over to my dorm room. We'd watch a movie, talk smack and theory, eat drink and be merry.

Now, I host them when I visit cities I like, most successfully in DC, San Fran and Boston. Not everyone comes at the same time, and many people I know don't know each other. It's fun. Trust me. We've talked about why Apple sucks, the need for green jobs programs, infatuation with Gossip Girl, and the pretentiousness of hosting an event called "office hours" by someone without a PhD.

If you are in the Boston area and wanna kick it with me or some of my people's, we're doing it live Sunday March 29th. 4pm - 7:30pm at Cambridge 1, 27 Church St, in Harvard Square.

For those who rock the Book of Faces, here's an event link:

I'm on a bus back to NYC at 8:30pm.

Oh, and if you're trying to get twitter updates about it, I'll be using the hashtag #officehours to post/read updates. Results will show up here:


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