Yesterday's Ultimate Gossip Girl Summit IV at the People's Improv Theatre was amazing. Not only did we have funky cool panelists, but three actors from the series showed up (Jake, played Chuck 2.0; Matt, played Skull n Bones; Zuzanna, plays Dorota).

Sara Benincasa is a saucy and well, actually quite naughty summit host who gives out sex toys to guests and audience members alike. As the newly-minted "brownest" member of the summit panel, I explained that I spent all of 2008 working to get Barack Obama elected. Starting November 5th, I wanted to do the opposite of campaign for Obama. Gossip Girl fit that need perfectly, and I've been hooked ever since.

But the real highlight of yesterday's summit was seeing Mieka Pauley perform a song to Chuck Bass that we wrote together just hours before the event. Yes, we waited until the last minute. Yes, Mieka treated me like a joke factory all day long demanding I write more funny lines despite my fatigue, but I'm really proud of the collaboration.


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