Dammit Diddy!! Just stop it. Stop it stop it stop it stop it. Stop making videos. Put the laptop down. No more black power fists advertising your perfume. No more Ciroc Obama. No more P Twitty TV. You're killing us. Really. Stop killing black people, especially with your YouTube videos.

Look at you!! You have like fifty pieces of "chicken" (and I put that in quotes cause the crap that gets served up in fast food joints is not food). You are not eating food! Stop the lip-smacking, crack-sprinkling references and oh Jesus. I can't believe it. I can't take it. You just sat down in front of TWO buckets of FRIED CHICKEN. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit.

You just undid Obama's inauguration. Yep. That's what you did. Obama is no longer president because you gorged on greasy ass chicken with your mouth open.

I swear, if you eat a watermelon on YouTube, Black people will cease to exist! We will all disappear. Do you hear me Puffy Diddy Ciroc Combs Profit Margin Whatever Your Name Is. Do you WANT black people to disappear forever??? DO YOU!?!?

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