First, if you haven't yet seen the worst political campaign site ever, point your browser to the somewhat exploratory, definitely wack, overtly embarrassing, non-commital pseudo California Senatorial campaign website for Carly Fiorina, holder of many "former" titles including AT&T CEO, HP CEO and failed McCain-for-President surrogate. 


So after I made that video, I decided to follow the exciting Carlyfornia action on Twitter. A moment ago, I got the following direct message.



A few observations:
  • Direct messages cannot be retweeted. They are private. I can manually cut and paste the message, but that's not a retweet. Former tech company CEOs should hire people who know about technology, especially if that person's job is to use the latest technology on behalf of the former tech company CEO.
  • Notice the duplicate mention of the @CarlyforCA twitter username. An example of wasteful liberal spending? Is Carlyfornia a true conservative?
  • Most disturbingly, only one exclamation point??? But I thought Carlyfornia dreamin was three exclamation points worth of exciting!!! I thought Carly really wanted to be Senator. I guess she wasn't serious about being the pro-good, anti-dark, anti-cat Senator the people of California deserve

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