This is a short post to explain to my various communities that I am in the political fight of my life to maintain my mayorship of Delicatessen, an amazing establishment in NYC's soho neighborhood

Wednesday night, a newcomer to our venue, one Jennifer Magnolfi, challenged me for my title. Within 30 days (the campaign ends August 14), she promised to oust me as mayor. Words were said. Alcohol was drunken. Funds were wagered. And a hashtag was born


(Update: The new hashtag is #MayorThurston. In these trying economic times, our campaign cannot justify spending extra characters on signage and messaging. We're showing the people that we have to make the same tough financial decisions they make around the dinner table every night. My constituents are finding ways to do more with less, and so is my campaign)

On this site I will document the race as I see it and why I'm fighting for the good people of Delicatessen. What is at stake here is far more than one man's virtual bragging rights. This race is about no less than our values as a people, our bonds as a society and our very way of life.

Stay tuned. You've never seen politics like this. God bless you, and God bless the people of Delicatessen