I went to Delicatessen at lunchtime today to meet a photographer from Metromix. They are featuring this campaign in an upcoming story

When I arrived, I found none other than my opponent, Jennifer Magnolfi preparing to sit for lunch with Rocketboom's Kenyatta Cheese (a friend and fellow Brooklynite). Cheese said he was supporting Magnolfi because she bought him drinks, so his vote is transparently for sale

As I prepared to pay for my own lunch, Cheese covered it with the understanding that I would get him lunch sometime soon. To avoid even the image of vote buying, I told Cheese I would consider his payment a donation to the campaign and disclose it appropriately. Thus, this post.

BTW, Magnolfi is a formidable opponent. She has had the bar create a summer drink named for her campaign. Tip of the hat to you, ma'am