Today is a very exciting one for our campaign. As we continue to push the envelope of Foursquare mayorship and local leadership in general, we are proud to announce the availability of Mayor Thurston campaign shirts. Thanks to our manufacturing and distribution partnership with Zazzle, you can show your support for this administration by displaying our official campaign art (designed by the good folks at Aviary) on a variety of stylish shirts. 

The default choice is a creme American Apparel adult t-shirt, but our campaign believes in the people's right to choose. Be sure to check out all the styles and colors available from a Value T-Shirt priced at $17.45 to a $39.45 hoodie. This administration has always supported investment in the next generation, so don't forget to order shirts for your infants and children.


Finally, due to Zazzle's business processes, we will be taking a 10 percent commission on each sale. Some may question the idea of us profiting from political activity, but we actually think this will bring transparency and integrity to the financing of our campaign. As you know, we are on the record stating our support for campaign finance reform...

If you had a meeting with Foursquare, what would you tell them to do to improve their network?

We need campaign finance reform. It's very expensive to run a campaign like this, and I may have to seek creative financing. Mayorship should be about service to the people, not how much you're willing to spend on a Cider Mustard Glazed Porkchop

These funds will be used to offset the cost of the campaign and to finance mayoral initiatives. We firmly believe in keeping big money and special interests out of our campaign and our administration. Corporate donations, no matter how well-intended, corrupt, and we think this micro-financing plan, raising small amounts from individual donors, best reflects the values we hold dear at Delicatessen.