Tonight, I officially step down as mayor of Delicatessen in a ceremony to mark the end of the campaign and the swearing in of Jennifer Magnolfi as the new mayor. In these, the last hours of my mayorship, I've been reflecting on both the campaign and all that our administration has accomplished. I am so proud of all of you, and even though we didn't finish all that we set out to do, we did far more than most.

One particularly memorable moment occurred on Friday August 6th at roughly 5:30pm. It was a Whiskey Friday like any other, except for the fact that our campaign was holding a rally across the street from Delicatessen. I honestly didn't know if people would show up (Facebook RSVPers are notorious liars), and I choked up a little when I arrived to find several people making signs. 


Of course, what would a political rally be without a counter-protest. A much smaller group had gathered across the street to stand against progress, unsurprisingly invoking the name of Jesus to selfishly promote their negativity.


But her presence only strengthened and inspired us. I had not planned to make any speeches. This rally was for Delicatessen, but how could I resist the will of the people? Here is that speech:

Tonight, I will make sure to order some milk and cookies. Simple and delicious, the way politics should be.