From today's episode of The Brian Lehrer show

And can I just add a compliment to the folks at WNYC. The New York Times wrote a very large piece about mayor battles and failed, FAILED to mention the epic, game-changing campaign waged by Jennifer Magnolfi and I. While the times focused on people merely checking in a lot or hacking software to checkin for them, Magnolfi and I helped affect the sales and physical space at Delicatessen.

For shame, New York Times. And three cheers to WNYC and the Brian Lehrer show!

In other post-campaign news, Magnolfi and I shared one of her signature drinks at Delicatessen this past Monday night. We reflected on the campaign and her first full week as mayor. As I expected, her administration is doing a great job. The people of Delicatessen have a leader they can be proud of.

Stay tuned for more campaign reflections and updates on my post-mayoral life.