But first, a word from Matt Damon

The Working Families Party is a progressive organization that, from my perspective, helps keep the Democratic Party in New York on its toes. Dems dominate so much of the political space in much of New York that the lack of competition leads to many officials taking votes (and taxpayer money) for granted. 

The WFP supports many of the same candidates who run as Democrats, but when you vote on the WFP line, you help this third party maintain legitimacy in the eyes of politicos and journalists. Here's a short explanation:

Working Families is a third party with a twist. In New York, “fusion” voting lets one party (like the WFP) “cross endorse” the same candidate as another party. The votes from each party are tallied separately, but then combined for that candidate’s total. It gives voters a way to “vote their values” by voting for the party of their choice without spoiling an election.

The WFP has been the most aggressive defender of affordable MTA fares, for example, whereas most democratic officials and the party had not so much to say. There are several progressive issues the WFP has fought for and even won. 

Vote E all the way. Working Families Party.