Tuesday night, as I walked from Cellar 58 on NYC's 2nd Ave to Bereket on E. Houston (for some delicious Turkish food), I crossed the intersection of 2nd St. and 1st Ave. Although I wasn't running or being particularly reckless, I slipped violently in the crosswalk which was entirely covered in ice.

My fellow New Yorkers were lovely, making sure I was ok. I rose slowly, tested all my joints and concluded that I hadn't broken anything. I continued my journey to Bereket and devoured the lentil soup. It really is delicious. I knew I'd be sore the next day, but counted myself lucky that more serious damage hadn't been done.

Then I got home and opened my bag. Here's the real damage:

My poor laptop


And my stainless steel Kleen Kanteen!!

A day later, with my head still hurting, I checked into the ER to make sure I didn't have a serious concussion. All clear in that department. Meanwhile, Apple has my laptop and will hopefully be able to replace the glass and part of the case. Most of my work is in the cloud online, so I'm able to use a backup computer to keep my life going.

Oh, and I'm finally getting renter's insurance. I'm about a decade late on that one.

In response to some of the comments so far, I just want to make clear who I blame for this: New York City's shitty mafia. I was in Chicago last week, and they had 10 inches of snow GONE the very next morning. What's happened to organized crime in the Big Apple that a prominent intersection can be left in such a state?