A few years ago, one of my boys (Derrick Ashong) told me, "Go to YouTube, and search for 'puffy is poison.'" I did, and on that day the quality of my life improved immeasurably. The video features the rant of comedian Maronzio Vance absolutely destroying Diddy. The amazing part is that Diddy, egomaniac that he is, responded via YouTube thus dignifying the original dis. Then Maronzio fired back. It's just so very beautiful.

The man who produced and directed the (intentionally) funny side of the exchange (the Maronzio side) is named Will Hatcher, and I was fortunate enough to meet him last week at SXSW in Austin. 

So in honor of Will and Maronzio's improvement of my life, I thought I'd package the three-video series into a single playlist for all to enjoy or enjoy again, as the case may be.