The session is called It Makes Money--Great. But Is It Funny?


Everyone knows that the web is now the place where writers and artists can get big by connecting directly with fans. But how do they actually do it? In this session, Baratunde Thurston, Digital Director of The Onion, interviews two creators of successful web comics, Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) and Allie Brosh (Hyperbole and a Half). They’ll talk not only about how they’ve taken different paths to profitability but also how they continually create great, funny work that keeps people coming back.

I'm a big fan of both these people's work and have my own questions in mind about how they stay motivated, creative and profitable, but I'd also love to know if there are questions or comments you have for them that relate to the topic. If so, please leave a note in the comments. You can login using Disqus, Facebook or Twitter.