I miss the World Cup. I miss leaving work at 10am to drink beer at a pub and feel connected to billions around the world. I miss foot-based sports. I read Bill Simmons's piece about picking an EPL team from a few years back and was moved.

I've chosen to support Arsenal. Here's why.

  • One of my best friends, Sozi Tulante, told me to.
  • The team isn't owned by one person but a bunch of shareholders, now including fans.
  • Arsenal have the highest proportion (7.7%) of non-white attending supporters of any club in English football, according to a 2002 report. (see wikipedia)
  • The uniforms (or, kit, I suppose) are hot.
  • The club's supporters publish fanzines such as The Gooner, Highbury High, Gunflash and the less cerebral Up The Arse!" (also in wikipedia)