The NRSC posted this tweet:

RT @BarackObama My budget failed 0-97 but wait till you see @SenateDems budget -BO

When you click on the URL, you get taken to a blank white page, not a 404 error but an actual webpage that's all white. This means the NRSC bought the domain. I gotta give it to the Republicans. This is the sort of performance art stunt I would do myself. The problem is the tweet falsely attributes Obama's comment to his actual Twitter account via a fraudulent retweet, even going so far as to add his personal "BO" attribution.

That's just dickish and unneccessary. They could have accomplished the same bit with

"We know @BarackObama's budget failed 0-97, but wait till you see what the @SenateDems have to offer [URL]"

Yes, I just offered constructive Twitter advice to the Republican Party. Good lord.