If you just want to right now, like very now see my take on the final movie, it's here on Storify. If, however, you want to know the full story of why I do this and experience the full set, continue reading.

It began when I read the first two books on my honeymoon in December 2008. My new wife and I listened to Twilight and New Moon on a road trip. We saw the first movie when we returned home, and a few months later we were divorced. I'm not saying Twilight killed my marriage, per se. I am saying there is a strong correlation between consuming Twilight content and no longer being happily married. It's possible this contributed to the hate, but I know the majority of my disdain for this franchise comes from crap storytelling and even worse messaging about depression and abusive relationships. Also, it as Karma Laundrette brilliantly points out, it is very, very, dumb and full of propaganda.

I took what I had--hatred, years of comedy experience, self-respect, and digitally connected devicess--and I began live hate-tweeting these movies so others might avoid parting with their hard-earned funds for such bullshit.

New Moon was my first time. This was before Storify. Back then, I had to manually take screenshots of my tweets. I then downloaded a bootleg version of the movie from bittorrent and integrated screenshots and visual commentary. My dream was to self-publish a coffee table book, but it was too expensive, so I made this slideshow

And then I made this YouTube video version. I also broke out the script for the movie-within-a-movie, Face Punch, because that film showed a deeper understanding of narrative structure than Twilight. 

Next was Eclipse. Many of you pointed out I left that one out. I don't have time to pull them into a pretty format, but this nice blogger did back then!

Next up After Eclipse was Breaking Dawn, Part 1. My favorite tweet from there was probably this one:

And the full set is here:


Baratunde on Breaking Dawn: a #livehatetweeting of #twilight #breakingdawn

Twilight movies. I live hate tweet that.

Storified by Baratunde · Sun, Nov 20 2011 15:45:16

#SparkleTunde Breaks Down Twilight #BreakingDawnbaratunde
just bought my ticket to #Twilight #BreakingDawn which I will be #livehatetweeting this saturday 10:30am ET.Baratunde
Thus I begin #liveHATEtweeting #breakingdawn (@ Regal Cinema Battery Park Stadium 11 for The Twilight Saga: Breaki...) http://t.co/vXAt8OFtBaratunde
Just saw preview for #thehungergames. A way better poorly written young adult novel. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Preview for #thedarkesthour about electricity-draining aliens destroying the world. Also known as "suburbia" #breakingdawnBaratunde
First moment of #breakingdawn shows Jacob ripping off his shirt so this is gonna be more character driven than the other #twilight filmsBaratunde
After three movies, Edward and Bella are getting married. Still they can't show emotion just like a real human couple #breakingdawnBaratunde
MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Edward just admitted to bella he has killed lots of people. #vampireskill #breakingdawnBaratunde
Vampire bachelor party seems to involve bestiality. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Looks like Bella is having second thoughts about marrying a mass murderer/stalker. #abouttime #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella's parents gave her "something old" from her grandma, forgetting she's getting Edward who is like WAY older #breakingdawn #plotholesBaratunde
As he walks her down aisle, Bella's cop dad promised to never let her fall. Dude, you let her get KIDNAPPED like 5 times #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella and Edward act like they've already been married 50 years. #whereisthelove #wackwedding #breakingdawnBaratunde
And none of these vampires are sparkling. Still. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Priest should have said "you can now bite the bride." #missedopportunities #breakingdawnBaratunde
Oh shit. Werewolf at the vampire wedding!!! #itsonnow #pleaseletitbeon #breakingdawnBaratunde
These wedding toasts are awesome. Like really. #verklempt #breakingdawnBaratunde
Jacob is at the wedding! It would be so awesome if Bella and he had sex right now. #DoIt #breakingdawnBaratunde
Oh Jesus Christ. Bella STILL can't choose between Jacob and Edward? She is worse than Kate on #Lost. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella told Jacob she is going to fuck Edward as a human. And he said NO!! HIS PENIS WILL DESTROY YOU. #breakingdawn #takesabigmanBaratunde
If you are jus tuning in, yes I am #livehatetweeting #twilight #breakingdawn. I watch so you don't have toBaratunde
Bella just told her dad she will love him forever which is funny cause it's TRUE! #vampirejokes #breakingdawnBaratunde
With all their money the Cullens couldn't afford a limo driver? Why is Edward driving her off in a VOLVO?? #breakingdawnBaratunde
Wait. Did Edward take Bella to Rio for their honeymoon? Dude, that's for BEFORE the wedding with your boys! #smh #breakingdawnBaratunde
Oh my bad. Rio was just a layover to some private island where no authorities can hear her scream during the changing. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella is thinking of that saying: "once you go vampire, you'll never have the use of your vagina again." #breakingdawnBaratunde
This is happening. Teenagers are having sex in a major Hollywood film. Where the fuck is congress??? #breakingdawn #barelylegalBaratunde
Oh my dear god. She survived but the bed is a shattered pile. I underestimated Bella's ill nana. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Ouch. Bella is all bruised. This got really uncomfortable. There is a hotline she should call #breakingdawnBaratunde
No one has died yet. Not even a little blood. How can you have a VAMPIRE movie with no blood halfway through? #breakingdawnBaratunde
These bitches are playing board games!? GO KILL SOMETHING. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Ok nevermind. He's doing the penis-in-vagina thing again #breakingdawnBaratunde
Cut to werewolf brooding session on the beach. Jacob is pretty riled up. I think it's racial #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella's period is late. Fuck yes. A little vampire fetus is going to eat its way out of her!! #breakingdawn #justlikealienBaratunde
Trojan should see the clear opportunity in vampire condoms #breakingdawn #alwaysbeclosingBaratunde
Clearly vampire dick is powerful stuff. Ladies, be forewarned. #breakingdawnBaratunde
I think Edward just asked the native Brazilian housekeeper to perform a vampire abortion. #breakingdawnBaratunde
And now we are in a religious right extended length abstinence only education PSA #breakingdawnBaratunde
In other news, Bella uses an Android phone. Siri would never have let this happen #breakingdawnBaratunde
And now Jacob knows Bella is knocked up with the harbinger of death or whatever #breakingdawnBaratunde
Hey if this vampire baby gets born will it stay a baby forever!!? That would be pretty cool. #breakingdawn #strollerlowriderBaratunde
I think Jacob just called the banners. #yesindeeditisgoingdown #breakingdawnBaratunde
Jacob finally sees that this other werewolf chick is into him. Stop wasting your time on the emo pregnant chick! #breakingdawnBaratunde
I was right! The vampire baby IS eating its way out of Bella. This is so fucking awesome! #breakingdawn #bestvampirekillingeverBaratunde
Yo! They are making Bella drink a cup of human blood to feed the baby inside!! She said it tastes good!!! #breakingdawnBaratunde
@baratunde #sparkletunde #breakingdawnWarren Ellis
Oh FFS, Edward can psychically hear the baby and it's happy so it's probably not gonna eat her from the inside. #breakingdawn #lameBaratunde
Guys. Bella just died after the baby came out. #ItGetsBetter #breakingdawnBaratunde
All I ever wanted from the start was for Bella to die. Thank you vampire baby Jesus #breakingdawnBaratunde
I love when the vampires and werewolves fight cause the vampires just punch real hard #breakingdawnBaratunde
Jacob saved the demon baby from werewolf slaughter by "imprinting" on her which I think means he peed on her #breakingdawnBaratunde
So Jacob is like R Kelly!! #breakingdawn #peeonbabiesBaratunde
@baratunde no no no IT MEANS THE WEREWOLF WANTS TO FUCK THE BABY #breakingdawn #vampitundeWarren Ellis
Oh boo. Bella woke up at the end. THE SHITTY EMO CHICK LIVES! #breakingdawnBaratunde
Final scene: cut to volturi vowing to steal the demon baby and killing a human servant for bad spelling #breakingdawn #imabawseBaratunde
Seems to me #twilight #breakingdawn part 1 was a great anti-interracial dating ad. #bobjonesuniversitywouldbeproudBaratunde
That's a wrap. This #livehatetweeing of #twilight #breakingdawn was brought to you by the iPhone, #sparkletunde and shitty literatureBaratunde
And here is some of the reaction to this coverage
@baratunde, TY for the #BreakingDawn recap. I forced my sons to read your tweets instead of going to the cinema. You saved my family $50!Veronique Rickets
@baratunde laying in a hospital bed, thanks for the movie play by play...great stuffDave Gearhardt
.@baratunde's live tweets of Breaking Dawn was epic. Is it wrong that I want him to live tweet the Nixon Watergate Grand Jury tapes next?AnastasiaBeaverhausn
@baratunde deserves each and every one of his 100K+ followers #twilightundeRamin Nazer
@baratunde: I loved every minute of it. The best movie I'v read ever.roy hasson
everyone should read @baratunde s #livehatetweeting of #twilight #breakingdawn hilaaarious. now I don't have to go see it, thank god!Kelly Robertson
Follow @baratunde as he MST3Ks the shit out of Breaking Dawn.Justino
Ladies and gentleman, the best @storify ever created. @Baratunde #livehatetweets Breaking Dawn: http://bit.ly/sCY3uZStephanie Haberman
@emokidsloveme dude you gotta check @baratunde stream from this morning. he live-tweeted #breakingdawn. I peed a little.Imani ABL
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! “@TSReid: Thanks to @baratunde my daughter is not allowed to see #BreakingDawn #savethechildren”Baratunde
Nov 2012, scheduling it now. I'll be #livehatetweeting @baratunde's #livehatetweeting of #breakingdawn pt. 2. #metahatetweetingBrian Janosch
#breakingdawn global gross is now $283.5M. i have failed. http://bit.ly/tLnLweBaratunde

That brings us to the present and the release of Breaking Dawn, Part 2. I find myself in Puerto Rico this opening weekend, and I was worried that I would not be able to live hate tweet as effectively, but Hollywood had me covered, and a nearby theatre had plenty of showtimes available. 

You can read on Storify or right here. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. 


Occupy Sparkle: @baratunde's final #livehatetweeting of Twilight #breakingdawn

And so we reach the end of the road. This is what I do, and I'm good at it. I've live hate tweeted all but the very first Twilight movie. (http://bit.ly/OccupySparkle). Today, it ends.

Storified by Baratunde · Fri, Nov 16 2012 07:45:59

Occupy Sparkle: the full "box set" of my Twilight #livehatetweeting - Blog - baratunde.comIt began when I read the first two books on my honeymoon in December 2008. My new wife and I listened to Twilight and New Moon on a road ...
 I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. But there's no room for that sort of soft emotion in live hate tweeting, so let's get to it.
Will Spanish subtitles make me hate Twilight less? #LiveHateTweeting of #BreakingDawn 740pm ET from #PuertoRico. http://pic.twitter.com/TgO6fETtBaratunde
@baratunde estas en equipo Edward o equipo Jacob?Layne
equipo hater “@baniak: @baratunde estas en equipo Edward o equipo Jacob?”Baratunde
to those who want to know WHY I am #livehatetweeting twilight, i say this: to whom much is given, much is expected. this is me giving backBaratunde
Typical. @baratunde is just another Democrat trying to gain favor by giving people what they want.Simon Chabel
Worrying about my mental safety in #livehatetweeting twilight? Don't. I've been doing this for a long time http://www.flickr.com/photos/baratunde/sets/72157622738744259/with/4129176954/Baratunde
@baratunde #ElSparkletundeWarren Ellis
Claro “@warrenellis: @baratunde #ElSparkletunde”Baratunde
I'm the only single man in a party of one for #BreakingDawn but this movie won't #liveha @ Caribbean Cinemas http://instagr.am/p/SEdtm5I4Bq/Baratunde
27 minutes till showtime. I feel tired but ready. This is what I've been training for. #BreakingDawn #livehatetweetingBaratunde
The only thing that could make my Twilight #livehatetweeting more perfect is if this mall had a Guy Fieri restaurant I could patronizeBaratunde
The theatre has organized the crowd into four roped off lines. Everyone is following orders. For now. #BreakingDawnBaratunde
Seat acquired. Back row. Far right. What safety can be found in this room lay here. #breakingdawn http://instagr.am/p/SEe6bto4DB/Baratunde
@baratunde You sir, are getting your very own column on tweetdeck as of now.JCH
I don't support tweeting or cellphone use during movies. Unless it's @baratunde watching Twilight movies #BreakingDawn Jae K. Renfrow
My daddy #livehatetweeted shitty teen propaganda movies as did his daddy before him & so on to a time when people could write. #BreakingDawnBaratunde
To reduce the threat of assault I have inverted my phone's color scheme. #breakingdawn #sparkletunde #safety http://instagr.am/p/SEgxSfo4E7/Baratunde
Huh, I just learned that the iphone screen capture does not capture the actual screen. This was supposed to be inverted and was in the real world, but Apple's snapshot records "true" pixels I suppose. Interesting nerd moment. Let us continue the hatred. Focus.
I am eliminating all positive thoughts, all compassion, all love. Such is the way of the #livehatetweeter. #breakingdawnBaratunde
The previews have begun. This part features the best display of storytelling so I must pay attention #breakingdawnBaratunde
Uma Thurman is in a romantic comedy. Under normal circumstances this would upset me but I'm here to see #breakingdawnBaratunde
National Guard ad seems out of place. Our nation's security should not depend on people who choose Twilight. #breakingdawnBaratunde
So is this Rise Of The Guardians movie like The Expendables but for kids? #breakingdawnBaratunde
And so it begins. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Sike!! ANOTHER PREVIEW! Could the cinema operator be trying to protect us? #breakingdawnBaratunde
And so it begins for real this time. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Opening sequence features lots of landscapes put through blood red filter. Genius. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bella has bionic eyes filled with blood. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Man, Bella and Edward in love make me not want to love again. #breakingdawnBaratunde
They are racing each other! It is like the six million dollar vampires! #breakingdawnBaratunde
Who goes hunting in a tight dress? #breakingdawnBaratunde
Oh DAMN! Bella hunted a lion that was hunting a deer! Full body tackle (and throat ripping). #breakingdawnBaratunde
I think jake is Bella and Edward's nanny? Pretty racist. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Demon. Baby. Don't trust it! #breakingdawnBaratunde
Ewwww JACOB IMPRINTED ON BELLA'S DAUGHTER. Dysfunctional shit right there. #breakingdawnBaratunde
"you nicknamed my daughter after the Lock Ness monster!!??" #breakingdawn #moneyquoteBaratunde
Next movie: The Werewolf Nanny Diaries. #breakingdawnBaratunde
They got Bella and Jacob a HOUSE as a wedding gift. These vampires are so one percent #breakingdawn #occupysparkleBaratunde
Oh yeah vampire sex time and this go round Bella held her own. #breakingdawn #fortifiedillnanaBaratunde
What. The. Fuck? Jacob is a SNITCH! #breakingdawn #icantevenBaratunde
And here comes the worst cop in Washington state! Will he notice his daughter is dead? #breakingdawnBaratunde
Ok I need some huntin or fightin or killin or something. Family time is boring! #breakingdawnBaratunde
I would be really happy if demon baby ate shitty sheriff right now. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Hey look vampires arm wrestle! #breakingdawnBaratunde
Demon baby. She flies!! #breakingdawnBaratunde
Shannon from Lost! Less whiny though. Smoke monster next? #breakingdawn #vampiresvssmokemonsterBaratunde
Winter is coming!! Also some sort of family court battle #breakingdawnBaratunde
Jacob is actually a really caring nanny. This is his true calling. He should join TaskRabbit #breakingdawnBaratunde
Oh I get it. They are gathering a vampire united nations. Surely nothing will get done now #breakingdawnBaratunde
These vampires just called the banners. FOR KING'S LANDING (or demon baby) #breakingdawnBaratunde
My bad my bad. Now we are watching X-Men #breakingdawnBaratunde
Edward and Bella make it so easy not to give a shit #breakingdawnBaratunde
Bunk!!! #breakingdawnBaratunde
And now it's become a sad Bon Iver type moment. I'm getting really really depressed. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Is that a friendship bracelet Jacob made?? What happened to the KILLER?! #breakingdawnBaratunde
the vulturri are coming when the snow sticks to the ground but with climate change that could be ANY MOMENT #breakingdawnBaratunde
That doesn't look like an army. That looks like the poster from Lost #breakingdawnBaratunde
Ok for real there are like 100 vulturri. #breakingdawn #theyrolldeepBaratunde
And here comes the dog pound. Woo woo! The spirit of arsenio hall is strong in these werewolves #breakingdawnBaratunde
I think the head vulturri just had a nerdgasm over demon baby #breakingdawnBaratunde
Aro is making a pretty good conservative argument: fear the future and change. #breakingdawn #romneysparkleBaratunde
Waaaaaaaarrrrrr!!! FOR HELM'S DEEP!! #breakingdawnBaratunde
This moment deserves an explanation. For 10 minutes I sat and watched a battle scene play out in which some pretty stunning shit happened. I opted not to spoil this moment for others because, well, because I actually ENJOYED it. I know, I know. It's a violation of the Live Hate Tweeter's Creed, and I'm willing to live with the consequences of that, but I was not expecting what I saw, and for those 10 minutes, I was just a guy in a theatre enjoying a movie. 10 minutes.
Guys, that battle scene was one of the best ever. No joke. #breakingdawn #haveibeenchanged???Baratunde
and back to hating
BTW: there's definitely gonna be a threesome with the Irish and Russian vampires #breakingdawnBaratunde
ammit they added montage of the least compelling love scenes b/w Bella and Edward. #breakingdawnBaratunde
Crowd is singing along to crappy love song during closing title sequence #breakingdawnBaratunde
At this moment I realize I may truly have compromised my mission
Fuck. Fuck. I LIKED something in Twilight not ironically!! #breakingdawnBaratunde
this concludes my #livehatetweeting of Twilight #breakingdawn. Remember, werewolves make great nannies.Baratunde
And so it ends. It has been my absolute honor to live hate tweet these terrible stories for both entertainment and educational purposes. My full collection of live hate tweetage can be found on my website http://bit.ly/OccupySparkle . Will I do this again? Probably not. Hopefully not. Live hate tweeting is a powerful weapon, and should only be used for the most extreme cases. Twilight met those conditions. I pray nothing else does. And now, for some reaction from Twitter. 
@baratunde please tell us you plan on live tweeting the new Twilight movie. Our nation needs you at this difficult time.Sue Constantine
I'm so happy @baratunde will hatetweet Breaking Dawn so I don't need to.Jackie A.
Letting my back recuperate on a heating pad on the floor reading @baratunde #livehatetweeting #BreakingDawn.Craig Robert Brown
I think I am more excited for @baratunde #livehatetweeting of #BreakingDawn then any of the movies coming out this fall.Eric Thut
Tonight's the night to either follow @baratunde or mute him. I don't recommend the latter. #EarlyFF #livehatetweet #breakingdawnChimaera
@baratunde so excited to be a part of your #livehatetweeting #breakingdawn #onlyreasonigotatwitterCamille Christie
I had a huge week, and yet this is the highlight of my week: http://screencast.com/t/I83aa1tHncLv @baratunde is just that good at #livehatetweeting.Betsy A. Decillis
I will now trust you to do the right thing and follow @baratunde. May God have mercy on those of you who don't.Nicole S. Finch
So, what does @baratunde do if it turns out, despite himself, he likes the new "Twilight" movie he's #livehatetweeting?Alex Johnson
@baratunde My teen daughter is hoping that there's a twist ending where Katniss shows up and wipes everybody out. Except Emmett. He's hot.JCH
That would have been amazing.
. @baratunde live tweeting #breakingdawn renews my hope in western civilization.Samantha Contessa
@baratunde nobody questioned the single man of color alone with a bag headed into this movie?Keisha Smith
Before @baratunde began #LiveHateTweeting #BreakingDawn I only had the name Renesmee to make me giggleJulie Myers
That name. Dear Lord, I didn't even know what they were saying the first few times. Thankfully the Spanish subtitles made it clear. 
Okay, gotta confess I'm going to follow @baratunde #livehatetweeting of #breakingdawn during school meeting about upcoming field tripLinda Lee
I had to unfollow @baratunde bc I cannot abide live hate tweeting twilight. I will read it in full tomorrow...Scott
@baratunde I hate the fact that you're live-tweeting that movie. So I'm unfollowing you for the next 65 minutes.Evan Tenenbaum
I was sure the Twilight BS ended with the baby. @Baratunde's live hate-tweet of Breaking Dawn implies there's a whole movie after that.Jess Zimmerman
@baratunde how many followers do you think you've lost, tonight?Brant Walker
It doesn't matter. Only hate matters.
@baratunde You're losing your edge bro. Don't let those vamps bedazzle you. #breakingdawnJae K. Renfrow
I typically agree with @drafthouse on no tweeting during movies... unless it's @Baratunde hate tweeting #breakingdawnCallie Langford
@baratunde I think #romneysparkle might be my favorite hash tag of all time.Sarah Hall
@cleolinda @akathorne IDK if he's going to spoil the ending, but @baratunde is livetweeting the movie right now.Daisy Razor
For the record, I did not.
FYI, .@baratunde is live tweeting #breakingdawn. Think of it as a public service and a way to communicate w young cousins at Thanksgiving.Elayne C. Burke
@baratunde Really helping me to never, ever see these movies.Stephanie Bernaba
@baratunde .... And you are unfollowed.Adam Frandson
Some things are worth the sacrifice.
@baratunde I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for throwing y'self on the #breakingdawn grenade for us all. Truly a good man.Sue Swinburne
@baratunde Are you live tweeting #breakingdawn so no one has any excuse to go see it?Celeste Headlee
If I were Jacob's age and single. I'd just be a wolf and never change back. No Downside. #breakingdawn @baratundeJCH
@baratunde You secretly really love this movie...Khethiwe T Gumede
@baratunde I am living 4 #occupysparkle now!popcultureparent
@ImTheQ Yeah, yeah. @baratunde is live-tweeting the #Twilight #BreakingDawn movie. #Maddow can be podcast later, dude.JCH
I'm on a hellish shuttle bus ride. Luckily @baratunde is live tweeting his #breakingdawn experience. Hope his battery doesn't die.JoRoan Lazaro
If both the #BreakingDawn wiki and my memory are correct @baratunde shares a birthday with Renesmee CullanJulie Myers
@baratunde live tweeting #twilight is the best live tweeting i've ever readClare Eisenberg
@baratunde you are genius for live hating Twilight movie right now. I thought you are my new BFF after reading How to be Black. Now I know.Heather Keppler
Supposed to be studying for my exam in two hours. Reading @baratunde live #breakingdawn tweets insteadKelly McGee
@baratunde To be fair, he is a #SmallTownSheriff, not an #UrbanDetective with a #CrimeLab.Angie in WA State
All I need to know about the stupid twilight movies I learned via @baratunde live tweets.Dan DaSilva
@baratunde #livehatetweeting #breakingdawn is making this commute aaaaaalmost bearable...Ellie Mae
Hate the sin, not the sinner. @baratunde is #livehatetweeting #breakingdawn and its funny.gretchen anderson
@baratunde THE WHOLE FRANCHISE can be read as a white trash girl marrying into the 1%.JCH
#occupysparkle ... occupy fucking sparkle... yes @baratunde so much yes.SexPositiveParent
@kristenschaaled no! I'm stuck in class & DRVing #30Rock but I need to stay on twitter: @baratunde #LiveHateTweeting #breakingdawnKatie Wolf
If you want to see "Breaking Dawn" without wasting $15 or... you know... seeing "Breaking Dawn," @baratunde is live tweeting it right now.Kirsten Stubbs
@baratunde Thank you for introducing me to the concept of #LiveHateTweeting. This will have practical applications in my life.Cassandra de Kanter
All right, coming in late WITH questions. How's @baratunde able to livetweet #breakingdawn? No one in cinema minds the glow--of hate??Nicole Blades
I'm sitting in Maths class reading @baratunde Tweets about #breakingdawn trying not to laugh.dillooooon
@baratunde ...dude.Belle D
The only good thing about #Twilight is when @baratunde does his #livehatetweeting. I wish we could camp out for that.Jamison Doran
@baratunde just remember: if you ever become a vampire, I'll still see your comedy shows and laugh with you at stuff #EternalTundeAndre Blackman
@baratunde What are you going to do when this movie is over? I NEED more #livehatetweeting in my life.Betsy A. Decillis
I had to unfollow @baratunde bc I cannot abide live hate tweeting twilight. I will read it in full tomorrow...Scott
@baratunde Stop taking over my Twitter feed! I don't who's worse, you or Kanye =)Jason Mustard
There was a mild and understandable backlash against my liking the final battle scene. I thought I'd share some of that in these reaction tweets.
@baratunde if I knew you personally, I'd tell you I don't know you anymore.Danny Gallagher
@baratunde This is just like that time I liked a Britney Spears song before I knew who was singing it.Dana Contreras
favorite new hashtag: #livehatetweeting, a specialty of @baratundeMarilyn Johnson
Ack, @baratunde, have your tweets backfired and caused me to *want* to see #breakingdawn? Noooo!Doris N. Truong
Reading @baratunde liking parts of #BreakingDawn is like that moment in The Village where you realize it's not a good movie.Jae K. Renfrow
@baratunde After all these movies they were bound to luck into something good, like broken clocks being right 2ce a day. #breakingdawnSaltypepper
Bellatunde? @baratunde Fuck. Fuck. I LIKED something in Twilight not ironically!! #breakingdawnRoss Garmil
Following #livehatetweeting is far more entertaining than #breakingdawn would ever be. Thank you, @baratunde.Evagelia, Emily, Eva
@EmilyTav i'm just glad to be able to do my small part to give something back to twitter which gave me so muchBaratunde
@baratunde #livehatetweeting I've said it before, but it deserves saying again: GENIUS.Nikki Bentley
Occupy Sparkle: the full "box set" of my Twilight #livehatetweeting - Blog - baratunde.comIt began when I read the first two books on my honeymoon in December 2008. My new wife and I listened to Twilight and New Moon on a road ...