I have left the Internet.
I'm on vacation. As part of my rest, I'm taking a break from the social Internet. That means no social media updates, responses, checkins, likes, taps, pokes, noogies, tickles, or head locks. 
I'm going to practice looking people in the eye and not checking my email or launching businesses or resolving geo-political stalemates (SORRY ISRAEL/PALESTINE AND CYPRUS AND NEWARK!)
If you're a friend and want to hang out, give me a call or text.
If you are a creditor, suckit.
If you think your demand for my attention qualifies as urgent or an emergency, you can petition my chief of staff, Julia Lynton Boelte, who will used her advanced algorithms and spices to determine if you are correct. She's reachable at chiefofstaff@baratunde.com
Otherwise, I'll see you in 2013 after January 7th, provided we haven't destroyed the Earth by then. 
If you are receiving this message, you are the revolution.
Trust no one.
Peanut butter jelly time.
Clear eyes, full hearts…
- Baratunde (somewhere).


For some additional context to the going offline thing, check out danah boyd and Brian Fitzpatrick.