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the best-of @baratunde's DNC tweets (part 2 of 2)

Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples is my live hate-tweeting of Twilight. I took those principles and applied them to political convention coverage in the U.S. Here's the DNC version

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My RNC coverage is here for those who want the other side. It was fun. I counted the number of black people on-site and called it #negrospotting. The answer: 238
the best-of @baratunde's RNC tweets (part 1 of 2)Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples ...
And now for DNC coverage...
Socialist #dnc2012 iPad app won't load Tuesday schedule. Probably because it's sharing the data with too many others
Woke up 0610. In cab 0630. #hotdamnimgreatBaratunde
0650 arrive at #LGA. 0700. Cleared security. #keepitmovingBaratunde
Heading down range. #dnc2012 (at @NY_NJairports) —
My #DNC2012 flight is full of liberals. I bet they'll impose a tax on the pilots & 1st class passengers before we reach cruising altitudeBaratunde
Watching this to inoculate myself against the liberal bias on my flight. #DNC2012 American Psycho —
@baratunde No way you make it off that flight without receiving some type of health care.William K. Wolfrum
WE ARE NUMBER ONE FOR TAKEOFF!!! We're number one! We're number one! USA! USA! USA!! #DNC2012Baratunde
At the #dnc2012 in Charlotte this week! Follow along with @AnnaSale @Baratunde @ToddZwillich @BrianLehrer @TheTakeaway Radio
"every president comes here to Charlotte, even after they have power. Where there's growth people want to take credit" #DNC2012 cabbieBaratunde
Chucks? Check. Big ass belt buckle? Check. Free t-shirt with my name drawn on it? Check. #dnc2012
I wonder how far my #GOP2012 credentials will get me at #DNC2012. Let's find out!Baratunde
@baratunde Probably farther than your DNC ones would get you at the RNCMatt Hamand
So here is something I was not willing to update on the ground. My GOP credentials got me ALL THE WAY INSIDE! It actually scared me, and I know it wouldn't have worked later in the week because the gatekeepers were inspecting badges multiple times before allowing entry, but on day one, any credential would do apparently
Man outside #dnc2012 is handing out these cards. I asked what film is about. "It's a documentary about Adolph Hitler."
If you don't like 2012 Obama, this man will sell you the 2008 model. Also, relive 9/11. #dnc2012
bad news: left my iPad on the plane. good news: it's still on the plane! bad news: IT'S HEADING FOR LAS VEGAS
I just sent this message to my iPad using iCloud. IPAD GET HOME SAFE! Don't do anything i wouldn't #dnc2012
I've hit the #negrospotting mother lode. #dnc2012 More in this room than all of #gop2012 #gameover #negroswarm
#negroswarm might be the best hashtag ever. Gotta remember that one. (@baratunde)Terence
#DNC2012 credentials show off "diversity" of the party. #racist
Who needs to watch the news when you've got @baratundeOfficer Nasty
#dnc2012 has cops on bikes. What's next Obama? NAVY SEALS DOING YOGA?? #weakeningamerica [pic] —
Dear Pulitzer committee: please consider the US political convention coverage of @baratunde for an award this year. Thank you.Ed Bott
Lots of Chicago cops providing security at #DNC2012 #mmmhmmBaratunde
South Carolina brazenly promotes South Carolina in North Carolina. #DNC2012
If you want to be heard at #dnc2012, please line up at this doorway (at Time Warner Cable Arena) [pic] —
The #dnc2012 stage uses more red, white, and blue than #gop2012. Trying to prove something Dems?
O-H! #dnc2012
Oh boy, ran into @ashong at #dnc2012 floor. Neither of us has seen any peanuts. #thereisstilltime
Ah yes @ashong and I rock the chucks #dnc2012
There are no balloons in #DNC2012 ceiling but if you press that big button it will rain health insurance plans
I hear African drumming at #DNC2012. Must have missed it at #GOP2012Baratunde
I collect free t-shirts like a dude that collects free t-shirts #DNC2012 #noneedtopack
.@jigolden saved my life. When the fried chicken joint I was headed to closed, she gave me this #DNC2012 #each1feed1
No wonder the media has a liberal bias. LOOK AT THESE MEDIA GIFT BAGS!! I mean, for a free iPad case... #DNC... [pic] —
@baratunde #negroswarm is the best hashtag i've seen for a long timeirajane
Our first day of shooting for Yahoo News Hashout: On Location took us to the streets where CarolinaFest was happening. It was a marked difference from Tampa. Charlotte was gonna be a party, and we could tell from the start
DNC photo booth fun with @baratunde Francesca
My iPhone thinks I'm in London instead of at #dnc2012. I'm embracing it. Someone gimme a ... (at @WLondonHotel) [pic] —
Update on my Vegas-bound iPad. It got off the plane in Charlotte and is awaiting my pickup! #DNC2012Baratunde
Seriously, South Carolina needs to cut it out. #DNC2012 #getyerowndangconvention
I think this is one of those rebellious socialist poetry circles #dnc2012 (at @ppldnc) [pic] —
#magicnegro “@RhenaTan: How can @baratunde be both on All Things Considered and at #dnc2012 at the same time?”Baratunde
Oh look it's @maegancarberry of @Upworthy using LOOSELEAF PAPER! Where is your Trapper Keeper??? #dnc2012
Me and @cbracy rockin the pedicab. #dnc2012 is #sxsw just with more flags
#dnc2012 This place is non-profit & funds reintegration programs for homeless and form... (at @thekingskitchen) [pic] —
Boiled peanuts like whoa. Also, Bob Schieffer is here. (@ The King's Kitchen w/ @baratunde) Bracy
"can I get some vegetables without pork in em?" -a foolish @ashong at dinner #DNC2012Baratunde
Oh democrats... RT @baratunde: "can I get some vegetables without pork in em?" -a foolish @ashong at dinner #DNC2012Jamie Kilstein
What in the world is a "duck-rabbit" milk stout?? @ashong #DNC2012Baratunde
What is @DrinkCheerwine ? #DNC2012Baratunde
Best regional cherry soda ever. "@baratunde: What is @DrinkCheerwine ? #DNC2012"Alicia Collins
agree. It is amazing. “@jlove1982: @baratunde @ashong It's a North Carolina Beer, and it's really good.”Baratunde
These free #dnc2012 drinks made possible by BAE Systems, makers of fine fighter jets and dest... (at @Politico) [pic] —
#yeswecan #dnc2012 #signs @ NASCAR Hall of Fame
And this is @johnlegend killin it at #dnc2012. Dems really have a monopoly on the good music [pic] —
Black folk are dressed up for this @johnlegend concert like it was #PromNight #DNC2012Baratunde
Just saw Michael Eric Dyson at #DNC2012 and he WASN'T talking!! #historicmoment #glitchinthematrixBaratunde
hey yall, #TeamRomney is hosting a Black Leadership Council Kick-Off! in Charlotte during #DNC2012. So, um, yeah
Joining me Tuesday on @tjmshow is satirist @baratunde. He'll give his observations on being in Charlotte for #dnc2012 compared to GOP/Tamparolandsmartin
Mitt Romney's platform for latinos and women? NOT AVAILABLE (h/t @skyebleausun)Baratunde
thanks to @TJMShow & @rolandsmartin for having me on this morning. here are some more thoughts on #dnc2012
I've seen as many black people at the DNC as I saw khaki pants at the RNC #dnc2012Baratunde
I got to attended an ABC Newsmakers Live event at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. It featured three members of the Obama campaign (campaign manager, deputy manager and press secretary)
"there is a difference between running a campaign and prosecuting a case against your opponent and flat out lying" -@stefcutter at #DNC2012Baratunde
"the entire premise of the republican convention last week was based on a set of lies" -@benlabolt at #DNC2012 #2012DNCBaratunde
Fun watching @jaketapper ask Obama campaign if charging Romney with lying limits their own use of lies/loose facts #DNC2012Baratunde
"how much concern was there about holding your event in a stadium with a name so TARP-y?" -@jaketapper on #DNC2012 @ Bank of America StadiumBaratunde
yes! “@MiaTweetvato: Great interview with Ashley Judd by @baratunde for @yahoonews #HashOut”Baratunde
#HashOut On Location: What five words do you want to hear in Obama’s speech? w/ @baratunde #DNC2012Yahoo! News
both sides are missing the point. the real question is, are you better off now than you were before you read this tweet? #dnc2012Baratunde
Occasionally I had non-political thoughts
So is this #HoneyBooBoo show basically a live action version of #Squidbillies?Baratunde
you know what i hate? human trafficking. also, the unpredictable syncing of photostream from my iPhone. but mostly human traffickingBaratunde
something you may not know about me: i'm really good at conference calls, so if you need an extra participant, hit me up.Baratunde
now i'm running around the press area at #dnc2012 joining random conference calls and giving longwinded #newsnight-y monologuesBaratunde
OH: "Can we agree it doesn't count as a 'secret weapon' when it's the first lady?" #dnc2012Baratunde
I'm here for the 2nd time in 12 hours. What's happening to me? #dnc2012 (at @NASCARhall) [pic] —
Under the guise of "security" #dnc2012 confiscates umbrellas & fulfills Obama w... (at Time Warner Cable Arena) [pic] —
The WNYC #dnc2012 allstars just showed up- @baratunde and @BobHWNYC Lehrer Show
#gop2012 had better screen technology than #dnc2012
Me on the floor at #dnc2012
"Once you vote black you never go back" #dnc2012 #buttons #thingsclearlynottruebutfuntosay
i've been on the floor of #dnc2012 26 minutes & the crowd still hasn't started chanting USA! USA! USA! They really do hate americaBaratunde
Did you all just see that EPIC fro that sistah was sporting at the DNC?!?!?! Her edges were laid for the Lawd. @Baratunde, where are you???April
I never did spot this woman
Standing ovation for @CoryBooker on line "it isn't class warfare it's patriotism" #DNC2012Baratunde
And finally the Dems chant USA! USA! USA!! #DNC2012Baratunde
I can't wait for the politician to emerge who will come out AGAINST small business. #DNC2012 #getbigalready #whyyousmallson?Baratunde
Crowd joins @corybooker on "liberty and justice for all!" hands raised. Standing on feet. Chanting USA USA USA #DNC2012Baratunde
Entire crowd now chanting CORY! CORY! CORY!! which is weird because "CORY" is not our nation. #traitors #DNC2012Baratunde
Now the California delegation is chanting CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA! #DNC2012 #getyerowndangconventionBaratunde
there are too many texans. #dnc2012Baratunde
it's weird no one is mentioning the record deportations under the obama administration. that will probably be featured on day 2 #dnc2012Baratunde
"tonight i want to talk to you about a subject that scares many many republicans. I want to talk about facts." @GovernorQuinn #dnc2012Baratunde
The @ABC/@yahoonews lineup for Day 1 of the DNC: @jaketapper @dwstweets @kamalaharris Reggie Love @richard_schiff @baratunde #dnc2012David Meyers
@baratunde Why are there no good conservative comedians to tear down #DNC2012?William Schwartz
Thus far, the #DNC2012 differs notably from its Republican counterpart in that its speakers actually mention their presidential candidate.Jamil Smith
@baratunde I tried to replicate ur 'Negrowatch' excercise here at Charlotte.. so far I'm at 400kDavey D
very true. #negroWATCH would be NYPD program “@cowsandsheep: @mrdaveyd I do believe the verb was #negrospotting ”Baratunde
Me and @najvasol at #dnc2012. This is for you, @mollycrabapple!!! (at Time Warner Cable Arena) [pic] —
Ok fine. #TexasForeverBaratunde
I have been kidnapped by @MakeItPlain. Maybe they'll put me on the radio or maybe you'll never hear from me again #DNC2012Baratunde
In the tiny @ABC/@YahooNews right now, oh, just @ashleyjudd @baratunde @rickcodem and @devindwyer.David Meyers
Our littlest interviewee and @baratunde today at the DNC. #HashOut @yahoonews Francesca
just stumbled across #DNC2012 wordcrafting facility. I'm gonna try to put the word "haberdashery" into a speech
In the bowels of the #dnc2012 arena one can find these laborers slaving away in the #HopeMines
Did you know that #DNC2012 actually keeps its volunteers in cages underneath the arena?
Lilly Ledbetter should get to name anything she wants after her mostly because that is the most badass name ever #DNC2012Baratunde
And this may be where #DNC2012 turns into #Saw. If you don't hear from me in 5 minutes, something is terribl... [pic] —
"Mitt Romney was more interested in HAVING the job than DOING the job" -@MassGovernor #DNC2012 Crowd eats it up. Literally. There are spoonsBaratunde
Ok ok Deval Patrick, leave some inspiring-black-man sauce for later in the week! #DNC2012 #thereisafinitesupplyBaratunde
I had to switch to Twitter SMS often because the AT&T coverage at DNC wasn't as solid as RNC
If you don't spell Julián Castro with the accent over the a, you'reBaratunde
racist #dnc2012Baratunde
#desispotting “@anildash: @baratunde we only got one Indian dude up there, so we can spot y'all some.”Baratunde
Dear @JulianCastro, please close your speech with "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts." I swear to you, we will all say CAN'T LOSE! #dnc2012 #ftwBaratunde
this crowd is going to completely lose its shit when michelle obama appears. brace yourselves #dnc2012Baratunde
@baratunde that is real. I just strapped myself to something.caitlin thompson
correction. *I* am going to completely lose my shit when Michelle Obama appears. #dnc2012Baratunde
RT @samsteinhp: here's the video that just aired of the First Lady: Maxwell
and there goes everyone's shit. just. wait, there's more. ok. gone. #dnc2012Baratunde
grace. #dnc2012Baratunde
@baratunde @chrisrock @BarackObama I know I'm voting for Obama in November, I just don't know which one. #MichelleObama #DNC2012Mint_Mulatto
That's what crunk looks like. That woman right there. *points at TV*Cecily
chills. #dnc2012Baratunde
love how #dnc2012 speakers integrate marriage equality into their talks, and #FLOTUS just did it masterfully, connecting to civil rightsBaratunde
10. #dnc2012Baratunde
#FLOTUS view: "being president doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are" #dnc2012 [pic] —
The end @MichelleObama's speech drove a higher Tweets-per-minute peak than @MittRomney's at #GOP2012. 28,003 vs. 14,289 for the Gov.Twitter Government
I took a wrong turn at #dnc2012. doors opened on 2: heavily armed men. doors opened on 1: 5 secret service ask me "where are you going?"Baratunde
OH outside #DNC2012 arena: "where the FUCK is the Burger King!?" -woman who clearly doesn't get the whole Michelle Obama thingBaratunde
.@ABC So, what's new in social media at #DNC2012? @Baratunde "I want holographic hashtags." #Hashoutsheigh
Post-speech peak for @MichelleObama was 28,003 TPM at 11:06pm ET--nearly 2x #SOTU peak of 14,131 TPM when adjusted for Twitter user growth.Twitter Government
#bikeshare #protip for #charlotte: make your bike sharing site mobile friendly #dnc2012 #thiswontdo #bikesaremobile
about half of those are from me. Sorry. “@gov: BREAKING: #DNC2012 and related terms have just surpassed 3 million tweets.” #DNC2012Baratunde
#talkatunde #dnc2012 (at Google Media Center) [pic] —
So @baratunde and Chelsea Clinton are just having a moment. Watson Strong
Turks for Obama #dnc2012 #signs
.@baratunde: "The Democratic convention has: "the feel of a music festival with maybe less beer, but more flags." Lopate
.@baratunde doing a karate chop on the @LeonardLopate show live from #dnc2012's A Free Country
.@baratunde: "I would probably do anything that Lilly Ledbetter told me to do, because her name is Lilly Ledbetter." Lopate
“Michelle Obama made me proud to be a parent and a spouse and a black man” -@TajClayton at #DNC2012
I can't wait till I'm old enough to rock a #cigar ALL. THE. TIME #dnc2012
President Bill Clinton is scheduled to complete his speech at 11pm ET tonight. What time will he actually end? #DNC2012Baratunde
"Jesus Christ came into the world to save democrats" says protester at #dnc2012 with ugly shirt on
And #BlackDynamite makes an appearance at #dnc2012 @ Westin Lobby Bar
Great to see @joseiswriting & @baratunde in charlotte! Awesome people. Van Ostern
Audio of today's show with @baratunde, @CapehartJ, Diana Serra Carey, @bgzimmer and Errol Morris is up! Lopate
2 Lanyardz #dnc2012Baratunde
If Biden couldn't be VP, who should be? @baratunde asks @AshleyJudd and others at #dnc2012 for #HashOut On Location! News
with @anamariecox at #cnngrill. We agree in future journalists will get traffic by using cats as convention correspondents #dnc2012Baratunde
@baratunde @anamariecox How do animated GIFs play into this theory?Jesse Chan-Norris
why is it when politicians brag about things "americans do best," they never include "frying things" on the list?? #dnc2012 #greatquestionBaratunde
we were just subjected to Obama psyops at #dnc2012. all in arena were asked to freeze 1min for "panoramic photo"
this #dnc2012 arena is like every night club entry experience I've ever hatedBaratunde
I found the smoking terrace! I was not looking for the smoking terrace! #dnc2012 (at Time Warner Cable Arena) [pic] —
I've seen sam donaldson six times in two days. Dude needs to stop stalking me #DNC2012Baratunde
veteran political reporters must have a special gene enabling them to withstand the constant onslaught of propaganda #dnc2012 #iamfadingBaratunde
Oooooh Tom Vilsack is up! CORN!!!! #dnc2012Baratunde
fun fact: there are 17 women in the u.s. senate. 12 of them are democrats. 5 republican #dnc2012Baratunde
@NewsCat_in_DC @JenGranholm @baratunde Makes sense. Women are about 17% of the US population, Yes?John Hutchinson
Someone in arena just cheered when NC Sen. Hunt said the state used to be "rigidly segregated" #dnc2012Baratunde
You guys remember Celebrity Deathmatch? Has anyone ever done that with babies?Baratunde
To run for president you should have to speak in a southern accent. #dnc2012 #itsmorefunBaratunde
Oh man #dnc2012 delegates have so much more rhythm than their #gop2012 counterparts. #itsamysteryBaratunde
"back in [place you're not from & I no longer live] we have a saying: [folksy nonsense i could have said directly]" #dnc2012 #gop2012Baratunde
How To Be @Baratunde Harrington
"I am privileged to be the governor of Delaware" says man who sounds like he actually means it #dnc2012 #blesshisheartBaratunde
@baratunde i dont always understand what you post, but when i do, i like it.matt wilson
Guys I'm gonna be ok. I got popcorn #dnc2012 [pic] —
I'm on the floor at #dnc2012 w @arimelber and they have locked down the access. #itsabouttogodownBaratunde
It's Sandra Fluke being all slutty with her ideas at #dnc2012
"People feel the system is rigged against them, and here's the painful part: they're right" -elizabeth warren #dnc2012Baratunde
Oh look it's Bill Clinton. This reminds me of that moment at the RNC when George W Bush -- #ohright #dnc2012Baratunde
Crowd explodes at screen showing the year 1992. it WAS a good year. I had a Gumby haircut #dnc2012Baratunde
"democracy does not have to be a blood sport. It can be an honorable enterprise that advances the national interest" -bill Clinton #dnc2012Baratunde
"we left him a total mess. But he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough so fire him and put us back in" - Bill Clinton recapping RNC on Obama ...Baratunde
Bill Clinton Spits Hot Fire #dnc2012Baratunde
"no president could have repaired the damage [obama] found in just four years" -Bill Clinton #dnc2012Baratunde
OH on #dnc2012: "This is beautiful. It's like he's painting" -Clinton fan on the president's "jobs score" deliveryBaratunde
Now the #ClintonFanBoy next to me is just barking "Bill! Bill! Bill!" #dnc2012Baratunde
Clinton takes Paul Ryan out to the yard, rubs his nose in shit, smacks him with newspaper #dnc2012Baratunde
Now #ClintonFanBoy is just repeating "oh my god" in a way that makes me think he is deriving sexual pleasure from this speech #dnc2012Baratunde
"oh yes, Yes, YES! Woooo!!" #ClintonFanBoy who is very possibly masturbating on the #dnc2012 floor. I can't lookBaratunde
Obama joins Clinton on stage. Crowd loses remaining shit. RNC looks like a tech rehearsal by comparison #dnc2012Baratunde
#clintontime “@ReginaFloresMir: @baratunde it's 11:25pm! You called it man!”Baratunde
About to join Larry King (@kingsthings) on Internet television for #Ora2012 via Google hangout. #DNC2012
The man @baratunde getting ready to Hangout with @kingsthings on @ Google Hangout Ma
why thank you! RT @nycowgirl_emi: @baratunde "Crowd loses remaining shit" may be the best single line in 21st Century journalism so far.Baratunde
Bill Clinton Shows Dems How It's Done: @baratunde highlights the top moments from the speech cc @afreecountry #DNC2012WNYC Radio
Glad to be at #dnc2012 women's caucus w/ @heyheylbj for @jjpolitics - waiting on Michelle Obama Contee
How cool would it be if president Obama snuck in a drum solo during his speech ... (at Time Warner Cable Arena) [pic] —
.@Baratunde says Internet Freedom is his issue. What's yours? Make a custom badge Lehrer Show
Oh yea that's just JAMES TAYLOR doing sound check which is basically a private concert #dnc2012 [pic] —
"this seat is taken" #dnc2012 #obama #tshirts
igualmente “@joseiswriting: @Baratunde! Bumping into one of my fav people!! #DNC2012 #toocoolforwords”Baratunde
ICYMI check out my #DNC2012 show w/Ben Stein @tanyaacker @RachaelEHarris @baratunde @TheJohnZogby @AndrewJenks #ora2012Larry King
after spending a week at #GOP2012 and a week at #DNC2012 i can say with authority: democrats are more attractive.Baratunde
Wanna know the question @baratunde asked @MoRocca to make him laugh this hard? Check out @yahoonews show #HashOut Francesca
i will meet you at the podium sir. #letsdothis “@joelpollak: Floor fight! Floor fight! Floor fight! (It worked yesterday.) #dnc2012 #dncBaratunde
W/ @bengreenman "Clinton Sec of Explaining Things" & @baratunde "Crowd loses remaining shit" at Obama/Clinton sighting, can retire Twitter.Liz Imbrie
the #dnc2012 arena is very cold. i'm sure it'll warm up when the dancing and fornicating commenceBaratunde
I hope CNN catches someone knuckle deep digging in his nose during this Marc Anthony anthem rendition #dnc2012Baratunde
At #dnc2012 I get the distinct impression that mitt romney is richBaratunde
"It's like listening to a white Louis Armstrong" -me on Barney Frank speaking at #dnc2012Baratunde
When John Lewis calls you out for voter suppression #youknowyoudonefuckedup #dnc2012Baratunde
Ok I've had about enough of Antonio Villaraigosa. I don't know why. I just don't want to see him anymore #dnc2012Baratunde
America, there will be no balloon drop after the president's speech which means this nomination doesn't count #DNC2012 #democracyincrisisBaratunde
#philly mayor @Michael_Nutter just spoke. He looked sweaty. Somebody get him some "water ice" #dnc2012Baratunde
I found the best wifi in the #dnc2012 arena. It's all about Stair A1!!! #A1forlife
Foo Fighters are playing that song from#VarsityBlues at #dnc2012. I DON'T WANT YER LIFE!!Baratunde
James Clyburn should be a gps voice option #dnc2012Baratunde
I want Barney Frank option-I'll never understand directions, but won't care MT @baratunde: James Clyburn shld be gps voice option #dnc2012Celeste Headlee
Yo @kerrywashington just got several standing ovations. Way to rock #dnc2012 #crushatundeBaratunde
OMG Gabby Giffords just walked on stage and recited the pledge of allegiance. beautiful. Crowd erupts into FIRED UP! READY TO GO! #dnc2012Baratunde
OH AT #DNC2012: "who the fuck is Jennifer Granholm pointing at?"Baratunde
I have never seen anything like @JenGranholm before. She is not a person. She is an event. #dnc2012Baratunde
Dear Gov. Brian Schweitzer, MOST dogs don't hunt. #justsayin #dnc2012Baratunde
When @brianschweitzer said mitt romney quadrupled the fee for gun licenses, one delegate screamed "NOOOOOO!!!!" #DNC2012Baratunde
"Ask osama bin laden if he's better off now than he was four years ago!" -John Kerry at #dnc2012. #moneyquoteBaratunde
"Before you debate barack obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself" -john Kerry pwning mitt romney at #dnc2012Baratunde
John Kerry just out-America'd the entire republican party #dnc2012Baratunde
Oh geez. They're showing the footage of Gabby Giffords again. Just when I'd stopped crying. #DNC2012Robin Thede
@blackvoices Like I told @baratunde, John Kerry could really be a rapper. Delivery is a bit off, but he has some killer oneliners #KerryBarsTony
@NicHBarnes I've heard a few folks ask that. But really tho, u couldn't throw a peanut in here & not hit a negro. #justsayin cc: @baratundeDerrick N Ashong
The Army was the ultimate socialist system -- jt paid for my housing, my medical care, and food. In return, I busted my ass for my country.Markos Moulitsas
I forgot Joe Biden led the Violence Against Women Act. Good work. #vaw #dnc2012Baratunde
UNCLE JOE!! #DNC2012Baratunde
Joe Biden doesn't need to know days of the week. Days of the week need to know Joe Biden #dnc2012Baratunde
#joebama #bromance #dnc2012Baratunde
"The bain way may bring your firm the highest profits but it isn't the way to lead a nation from the highest office" - Joe Biden #dnc2012Baratunde
I think what Joe Biden is really trying to tell us is that he's been stalking President Obama #dnc2012Baratunde
They used to call me Crazy Joe! Well now they can call me Batman! #dnc2012 #pleasesaythisBaratunde
My #shitlossmeter is about to completely break as is Twitter #dnc2012Baratunde
@baratunde thought you’d like this: “Sluts for Obama”… and possibly the shocker #DNC2012 Schmittauer
BREAKING: President Barack Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination For President #dnc2012Baratunde
@baratunde You are too may things!Mallorie
On the real Obama is so much better for veterans than the Republicans. #dnc2012Baratunde
"You might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing if you can't visit the Olympics w/o insulting our closest ally" -president at #dnc2012Baratunde
@amyelizbennett You must not be following @baratunde. My impression from his tweets is shit being lost all over the place. ;)Ahab
Wait, *I* was the change all along???? ME FOR PRESIDENT! #DNC2012Baratunde
"I'm the president." #forgottoaddBITCH #dnc2012Baratunde
I grabbed this action photo of a guy who takes action photos. #dnc2012 [pic] —
This is the view @gawker has of the #dnc2012 stage [pic] —
#dnc2012 delegates hold up "thank you" signs for armed forces [pic] —
The #dnc2012 made up for lack of balloons with CONFETTI CANONS!! [pic] —
From what I can tell via Twitter, apparently Obama kicked someone into a pit tonight while shouting "THIS! IS! SPARTA!"Peter Shankman
What is wrong with you? RT @davidgregory: A humbled Obama spoke tonight. About the economy will Americans blame him for jobless rate? #p2April
That was a genius convention. Whoever was in charge of that thing, wanna plan my next birthday party? #DNCUcheblack
Dear Earth. This concludes my twitter coverage of #GOP2012 & #DNC2012. LONG LIVE SMALL BUSINESS! #dropsiphone #regretsdroppingiphoneBaratunde
Oh #onemorething: keep frying things, America! #gentlyplacesnewiphoneontableBaratunde
Palin on Kerry: "How does he even know my name?" By not being breathtakingly ignorant about everything. Look into it.Jamison Foser
My view of #POTUS at #dnc2012
Y'all remember how I left my iPad on my flight? Well I GO... (at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)) [pic] —
Delegates gone, downtown Charlotte has a MUCH higher ratio of black folks to not-black. I am #whitepeoplespotting cc: @baratunde #DNC12Ana Marie Cox
Just watched last #RNC #DNC #Hashout Gonna miss you @baratunde @charity_elder @MiaTweetvato @hilella @suellentropsheigh
Got recognized by customer here who said she loved my twitter convention coverage! (at Apple Store) —
Say hi to @baratunde, who's partying it up for the sitewarming party for Cultivated Wit #WhiskeyFridayBrian A. Hernandez
Now check out the RNC version
the best-of @baratunde's RNC tweets (part 1 of 2)Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples ...