The tweet that basically started it all:

the best-of @baratunde's RNC tweets (part 1 of 2)

Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples is my live hate-tweeting of Twilight. I applied those principles to U.S. political conventions, and here's the RNC side.

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I also did the DNC which you can find here
the best-of @baratunde's DNC tweets (part 2 of 2)Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples ...
But first, for the RNC: they said a hurricane was coming, so I packed my Gore-TEX gear and boots and flew straight into it. I would not be denied.
Most flee the coming storm. I head into its path. I'm Batman, and I'm seeking the #GOP2012 NOMINATION FOR PRESIDENT
#webrunchhard. #GOP2012 edition. There's enough liquor here to get me started right (at @Datz4Foodies) [pic] —
Had brunch w local Tampa friend. She said natives hit up Target hard for supplies; are treating #GOP2012 as the hurricaneBaratunde
At #GOP2012 I passed a Chick-fil-A AND a Hooters within blocks of each other. It's going to be an amazing week
Chick-fil-A & Hooters merger = a) Hooter-fil-A b) Chick-fil-Hooters c) Hooter-Chicks d) BREASTS! or e) Black Hole Of Contradictions #GOP2012Baratunde
Brian had the best suggestion for the merged name
@baratunde Straight TittiesBrian Janosch
My first cab driver was the best. He couldn't stop telling me about all the celebrities he'd driven around. He pointed out several of their homes and then played his voicemails for me which featured the managers of several singers. I asked him about his history in Clearwater and about Romney
"the man has to show his tax returns. I have to show 3 years of returns if I want to buy any property." my #GOP2012 cab driverBaratunde
When my #GOP2012 cab driver moved to Clearwater from Poughkeepsie in 1973, he became the first black firefighter in that city.Baratunde
The first people I ran into on site were Code Pink
#GOP2012 #video: "if you can't say the word 'vagina,' don't legislate it." -@codepink
#GOP2012: "if you can't say the word vagina, don't legislatbaratunde
"The southern girls are horny, baby-making factory machines." -my #GOP212 cab driverBaratunde
And here is where #negrospotting was born
Yes, I am keeping a count of black people I see at #GOP2012. So far we are at seven. #negrospottingBaratunde
It's the #GOP2012 #lovetunnel
no it's hilarious “@Jake_Sam: @renesugar @joanwalsh @baratunde that's disgusting. Everything is about race to liberals. So sad”Baratunde
#GOP2012 #negrospotting count up to 12 including @Soledad_OBrien !Baratunde
good :) “@DanKcler: @baratunde as a white guy it feels awkward using the tag #negrospotting”Baratunde
I had no idea my boy Derrick Ashong would be at the RNC (and later DNC). We would engage in many hijinks together over the two weeks
I have discovered that @baratunde is also here for the #RNC. Things are about to get #epic. ;)Derrick N Ashong
We're "swarming" ;) RT @cbracy: @ashong @baratunde So you've tripled the black population at the RNC?Derrick N Ashong
Fr @Politico 's interview with Mitt Romney: he wanted to vet the CEO of BET for a job in his admin., but couldn't name her. (Debra Lee)Farai Chideya
.@faraichideya ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Mitt Romney wants BET Debra fucking Lee on his dream team? Is there a Dept of Shake That Ass Videos?Kris Broughton
I had originally thought the two brothers on the left were GOP members because of the suits. Turns out they worked for state law enforcement and many of the GOP delegates arriving at the hotel thought they were baggage helpers. The guys told me, "We learned not to stand so close to the entrance."
#GOP2012 #negrospotting! THREE MORE! (though i met 2 yesterday) All law enforcement. Count = 16
ahem HASHTAG! #GOP2012 “@SaraLibby: Oh hey, @baratunde. @GeneDemby where you at?”Baratunde
Three more black folks. Two working the hotel desk. One mystery lady exiting elevat... (at Sheraton Tampa East Hotel) —
#GOP2012 #negrospotting count = 20. This one is legit. He is wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt
One of my two official jobs was working for Yahoo! News and it's Hashout project. We took the concept of and made a video version of it, asking a daily question on-site. We met a man named Bunky Hall, and he said amazing things on camera
"every man has a right to ride his horse downtown to the courthouse." -Bunky Hall #gop... (at Pop & Sons Diner) [pic] —
There are swarms of dragonflies here in #tampa. #raptureiscoming #GOP2012Baratunde
#GOP2012 “@j_freedland: The thing this crowd likes most about Romney? That he chose Ryan as VP. As in '08, more love for the no 2 than no 1”Baratunde
See now, @rickklein has left his laptop unattended. Oh the things I would tweet in his name #GOP2012 #warningshot
27 #negrospotting #GOP2012 “@SherylStead: @baratunde LOL - what is your count up to now?!?!?!”Baratunde
I was invited to a #GOP2012 briefing on "the impact of the Obama economy & unemployment on women." it has been postponed indefinitelyBaratunde
#gop2012 #negrospotting number 35: Herman Cain (at Tampa Convention Center) [pic] —
And so it begins... #gop2012 #gaveltunde (at @SPTimesForum) [pic] —
Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, American Samoa. All no shows for #gop2012 gavel in. #haters [pic] —
#GOP2012 #negrospotting NUMBER 50: @ashong in the BET media farm
Guys, who is running @buzzfeed!!?? How will I know what's popular on the Internet?! #gop2012
@baratunde @buzzfeed They could have at least put up a "Out looking for cats. Be back soon." sign.Bart Smith
Legit #GOP2012 #negrospotting just met Marilyn Miller of the NY State GOP. She reps CROWN HEIGHTS Brooklyn. Will talk with her more laterBaratunde
This guy did not like my #negrospotting game
@baratunde Any conception of how racist you are? Any self-awareness?motion view
Yes and yes. I am SUPER racist. Super. like, super. “@motionview: @baratunde Any conception of how racist you are? Any self-awareness?”Baratunde
shhh, she doesn't know #GOP2012 is in Tampa “@SarahPalinUSA: Had a great time today in Gilbert, Arizona, at a rally for Kirk Adams.”Baratunde
Actually I would say I'm severely racist.Baratunde
Every time Al D'Amato said "goddammit" this older woman shook her head. ... (at Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort) [pic] —
RNC Field Dispatch: My Moment with Grover by @Baratunde's A Free Country
Official #GOP2012 entertainers today include Neal E. Boyd! 3 Doors Down! and Janine Turner! #!
@mdawriter sure. #negrospotting at 60 nowBaratunde
There is an RNC "mystery speaker" on Thursday. I'm praying for Ronald Reagan, the hologram. #HoloReagan #HoloGipperBaratunde
I'm on @YahooNews #gop2012 page with our first #hashout: on location video. You should watch multiple times
#GOP2012 #negrospotting update: the @BET tent and street vendors inflated my numbers. We are at 67Baratunde
@baratunde even got 2 black people in his #yahoo #hashout #negrospottingJordan Freeman
u got jokes, @baratunde! we'll take the "over" on a 100 by end of day. @THEHermanCain tells us there are many: Vote
I know @baratunde's #negrospotting is for #RNC2012, but I could use it for half my PoliSci classes at Cal. #higheredReginald James
you guys wanna see something really sad and depressing? This tipped over wheelbarrow should do it #GOP2012
Oh look, it's the media watching Jon Voigt call President Obama a socialist! #G... (at Tampa Convention Center) [pic] —
.@Baratunde Thurston on the Scene in Tampa (via @LeonardLopate)WNYC Radio
I went to college with all the people in this photo. The man on the far left is Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief of Despite this fact, we are still friends!
A #harvard meetup at #gop2012 w @joelpollak @ashong @jesstardy and me.
Ok #googlepolitics wins the Internet at #gop2012. Free coffee & ACTUAL Internet. What should I download?
#negrospotting at #GOP2012 count at 89. including @KathrynFinney from @BlogHer (yes, media count)Baratunde
listening now. love it. “@daveslounge: My latest music podcast could help you wind down after covering the RNC all day”Baratunde
#negrospotting at #GOP2012 update. of the 89 negroes spotted so far, only 20 are confirmed GOP (non-media, security, vendors). #staytunedBaratunde
yes to Pizza Man. to count i must spot w my own eyes #negrospotting “@henrysosa_: does that incl Michael Steele, Ron Christie, & Pizza Man?”Baratunde
inspired by @AntheaButler, i'm proud to announce #negrospottingTV! see a black person at the RNC on TV? use the hashtag. also drinkBaratunde
I spoke too soon. #googlepolitics wifi just died as I was writing my blog for @yahoonews. Coincidence? I think not!! #GOP2012Baratunde
Oh yes, I am at #GOP2012 with yahoo and mooching coffee and internet off of google. What? Say something.Baratunde
it's true. i'm doing standup at #GOP2012. tonight. with @GroverNorquist #OMG
I may eventually have footage from the show above but it's not great. Only 15 people in the audience, and I performed at 145am.
The Northern Mariana Islands governor should be required to wear a shirt with a map showing WHERE THAT IS #GOP2012Baratunde
These states can't ALL be great. #GOP2012Baratunde
Saw one on @CSPAN!! #NEgrospottingTV Two shots because her weave was awful! @Baratunde @AltheabutlerApril
"we're going to be the new jersey of the west!" -a man from oregon who has modest aspirations #GOP2012Baratunde
Did the puerto rican dude just say he's been mayor for 16 years?! What happened to term limits? #GOP2012Baratunde
I would be so excited if one of these delegates announced her state then said "slaves built it." #GOP2012 #webuiltitBaratunde
Shouldn't Texas be having its own RNC, seeing as it's a separate nation and all? #GOP2012 #foreignersinourmidst #getemBaratunde
#negrospotting #GOP2012 janitor makes it 92Baratunde
BLACK PERSON #99 is @joejohnscnn !! I grew up watching him. #negrospotting #GOP2012
oh @Reince said @MittRomney is a businessman. Would have been cooler if he said he's a business, man #thendropthemic #gop2012Baratunde
.@baratunde and @annasale live chatting @itsafreecountry and multitasking Cowett
OMG OMG OMG IS THAT AMERICA'S GOT TALENT'S NEAL E. BOYD!!!?? #gop2012 #swooning #vaporsBaratunde
Oh snap! #negrospotting AND #negrospottingTV thanks to Mia Love at #GOP2012 count = 105
crowd in this hall is chanting "we built it. we built it." #gop2012Baratunde
janine turner gives colorado a shoutout in her talk. no response. "come on colorado!?" no response. #gop2012 #thereshouldbedemeritsBaratunde
janine turner was way more excited about her speech than the audience. #gop2012 #blessherheartBaratunde
They are playing this in the #gop2... I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick (at 2012 Republican National Convention) —
10 Things I Hate About You - I Want You To Want Mesorasxkeyblade
@baratunde Is there a song that better sums up Mitt Romney than "I Want You to Want Me"?Bart Smith
I still can't believe they let me in here. LOOK AT MY SEATS! LOOK AT MY GEAR! #gop2012
wow #gop2012 is really doubling down on this #webuiltit message. an entire campaign built on intentional misinterpretation.Baratunde
i'm so glad u.s. political conventions make heavy use of red, white and blue. otherwise i might forget what country i'm in #gop2012Baratunde
NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU SAY IN [insert state here]! Not even the people from [insert state here] care. #gop2012 #saynewthingsBaratunde
In fairness, Ann Romney's horse dances better than most of the white males at #GOP2012John Fugelsang
@baratunde I like the use of "slavery" and " #webuiltit" in the same tweet.Anil Dash
i am SO tempted to rush the stage during Santorum's speech screaming "I AM A BLAH PERSON!" #gop2012 #valuemyfreedom #notgonnadoitBaratunde
uh oh, Santorum just referred to "freedom" as a "government benefit." I don't think he thought that one through #gop2012Baratunde
i would pay a monthly subscription to prevent elected officials from using the word "freedom." #gop2012 #seriouslyBaratunde
Caitlin Thompson was my digital producer for my other official job at the conventions: special correspondent for WNYC radio out of New York. She rocks
me and @baratunde on secret floor seven at #gop2012 thompson
If only #gop2012 had a spare screen they could use to tell me who this dude is talking at everyone right now
HIGH TOP FADE ALERT!!! Artur Davis is back from 1990. #gop2012Baratunde
#negrospotting AND #negrospottingTV thanks to Artur Davis. count = 107Baratunde
awesome! “@Clarknt67: @baratunde Michelle Malkin says you're a racist for creating #negrospotting. Just thought you'd like to know.”Baratunde
Rep. Eric Cantor does a few photo ops right at the base of the stage during Gov. Nikki Haley's speech #gop2012
please god let chris christie open by flipping off the room & yelling "hey youse guys!" please i'll never ask for anything again #gop2012Baratunde
yes. Yes I will marry you “@DicksTrash: This is another chickenshit racist motherfucker... >>> Fuck You @baratunde”Baratunde
By far @cnn has the nicest port-a-potty I have EVER seen. #gop2012 #thatswherethemoneygoes (at @CNNPolitics) [pic] —
Yes, this is a black woman at #GOP2012. Yes, she's wearing a Todd Akin sticker. Yes, she knows it. #negrospotting
"It's a carnival without the funnel cake. Actually, I wish they had funnel cake." -- @Baratunde on #GOP2012Brian Lehrer Show
Hey @StephenBaldwin7 thanks for chatting with @baratunde for Yahoo's #HashOut Francesca
It's #howtobeblack with @joeNBC & @morningmika during #hashout @ Huffington Post Oasis
SHAME SHAME SHAME on all you racist progs playing the #negrospotting game. Dear God, you people are sick. #gop2012 #rnc2012Michelle Malkin
@michellemalkin @Baratunde He's even written a book called How to Be Black. The shame! #negrobestsellerspottingSue Fondrie
I can picture Malkin et al reading @baratunde's book and fuming over the racism. They really do not know what words mean.Auguste
.@baratunde should we mention that #negrospotting is also played at tech conferences, in biz class on flights & much of new england?Tiffany B. Brown
My favorite #sign at #gop2012 so far: Watch out for forklifts @ Tampa Convention Center
@webinista @baratunde Hey- we do it too- NDN (American Indian) spotting is a common game at academic conferences & on mass transit.emmalola
@webinista @baratunde Ain't that the truth. I know I play #negrospotting at each and every tech conference/event I attend. #lonenegroDigitalFanGirl
@michellemalkin Are you upset about the term negro or that people notice the avalanche of whiteness at #RNC2012? cc @baratunde #gop2012Nato Green
#GOP2012 #negrospotting count = 143Baratunde
.@deanofcomedy notes that #GOP2012 has speaking slots for 7 religious speakers, none Muslim #cnnBaratunde
From today's show: Republican Convention Coverage Part 2, with @taras2cents, Rudy Giuliani, and @baratunde. Lehrer Show
shorter McCain: war, war and more war. #gop2012Baratunde
oooh, that's neat how mccain threw love into his warmongering speech. #iseewhatyoudidthere #gop2012Baratunde
this music is so bad. why can't #GOP2012 just PAY FOR BETTER MUSIC? they have most of the moneyBaratunde
for real though. Snoop sells his voice to GPS SOFTWARE. i'm sure there's a price you could pay to get him at #GOP2012Baratunde
@baratunde , Give them credit, it must be hard to find music that doesnt inspire anyone or lead their kids off to wayward thinkingMr.McCloud
best entrepreneurs don't exist 2 "create jobs." Hire slow. Fire fast. If you just want to create jobs, you're MC Hammer in the 90s #GOP2012Baratunde
#smartspotting at #gop2012 count = 1. Condi RiceBaratunde
condi's story is great. the attempt to transfer it to Romney/Ryan fails completely for me though #gop2012 #theyarenotyouBaratunde
I watched the #gop2012. I felt so mad & sad inside & threw a cashew @ my tv. So I started reading @baratunde tweets and felt better.Elise
@baratunde this is what I'm doing here by the way Kotecki
Last. Day. I think this is getting to me #gop2012 (at Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel) —
IT'S A SURPRISE! #HashOut: On Location: Who do you think the RNC’s mystery speaker will be? #GOP2012 w/ @baratundeYahoo! News
Left. Left. Left Right Left. #gop2012 (at Tampa Convention Center) [pic] —
OH at #GOP2012: "I gotta say, pretty attractive security guards."Baratunde
OH at #GOP2012: "I'm over this, it's like Hee Haw meets the Poseidon Adventure."Baratunde
Oh yeah, #negrospotting up to 167. Met a nice sheriff this morning. #GOP2012Baratunde
@baratunde why is everyone so upset about #negrospotting ? i do it all the time when I'm out of london/black areas! we all do over here!Daniel Inniss
Last night they added roses to this hall. #gop2012 is getting so sexy (@ GOP 2012 Love Tunnel) [pic]:
It's come to this. #sexytunde at #gop2012. I'll do anything for an interview ;) @ GOP 2012 Love Tunnel
.@E_Joyce definitely, but i have a preternatural ability to remember #blackfaces, so my algorithm only tracks uniques #negrospottingBaratunde
Some people are not so good at following directions. Like everyone. #gop2012 #signs
"She's probably the smartest person at the Republican National Convention." @baratunde on Condoleezza Rice. Lopate
Just interviewed Geraldo for #Hashout. He described #GOP2012 as "sea of white faces" and talked about party's race challengeBaratunde
@cspanwj #negrospotting 3 mins in, I've already seen more minorities at the 1964 #GOP convention than at #GOP2012 #CSpanRNC #RNC2012Don Ritchie
#negrospotting at #gop2012 w @rolandsmartin. And #HowToBeBlack. He was number 198
.@michaelianblack i've been spotting negroes my whole life, training for this moment. i'm a professional. #negrospotting #experienceBaratunde
My official history of counting black people at #GOP2012 (aka #negrospotting) - @jjpolitics
i really wish the #gop2012 mystery speaker was the Smoke Monster from #Lost.Baratunde
I found the best place to watch the last night of #gop2012 b/c I Believe In America @ Hooters
I don't understand why Callista is up there with Newt. No other primary loser brought their spouse. #canttrusthim #gop2012Baratunde
I just ordered a bunch of buffalo shrimp. I will eat one every time they mention or show Reagan. #gop2012 #mightregretthisBaratunde
HISPANICS!!!!!!! #gop2012Baratunde
How many people in the #gop2012 hall want to deport Craig Romney right now?Baratunde
It's like watching a puffier, less embarrassing version of George W Bush. #creepy #GOP2012Baratunde
OMG is Jeb Bush offering me Skim education, 2% education, CHOCOLATE EDUCATION??? #GOP2012 #yessssBaratunde
BTW "Chocolate Education" would be a great name for an R&B albumBaratunde
Frantz Placide #negrospottingTV #GOP2012Baratunde
My prediction: Romney's speech tonight will score big with people who'll be dead from old age soon.Patton Oswalt
I convinced the waitress at this Hooters to put the big tv on C-SPAN. Pretty sure that's never happened before #GOP2012 #WeBelieveInAmericaBaratunde
Yes that is @cspan on at #hooters. I did that. You're welcome America #gop2012 @ Hooters
I can't wait until we see the emotional video praising high frequency trading algorithms. So touching. #GOP2012Baratunde
He will NEVER apologize for America? What if America does something awful like block another nation's driveway? #gop2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
Jane Edmonds. #negrospottingTV #gop2012 #RNC2012 also, she is cracking herself up!! #goodforyouBaratunde
Taylor Hicks makes me want to de-fund what remains of arts education. #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
@baratunde I finally figured out why MMalkin et al are so upset about #negrospotting at RNC .. It's hard to do.Albert Spruce
@baratunde "Chocolate Education" was my stripper name in college.Jelly Bean
More black folks on stage singing at #RNC2012 than are members of the RNC. #GOP2012 #negrospottingTVBaratunde
"possibly now it may be time for someone else to come & solve the problem?" #worstendorsementever #GOP2012Baratunde
Someone please get Clint Eastwood some Obamacare #GOP2012 #RNC2012 #thismakesmesadinsideBaratunde
@baratunde possibly, it may be time for someone else to come and make this speech. #maybe #HesNotSureAlex
Marco Rubio is ADORABLE!! I wonder if the big senators make him leave the room when they engage in grown folks talk #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
Does Clint Eastwood's invisible Barack Obama count towards @baratunde's #negrospotting count? #RNC2012Bart Smith
Let me explain to y'all how #negrospotting works. I actually have to see the negro in question. #ImaginaryObama doesn't count #GOP2012Baratunde
I like how Mitt Romney praised government employee Neil Armstrong. #unexpected #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
Romney tricked the crowd into cheering for bipartisanship by throwing Reagan's name in the same sentence #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
@Upworthy If anyone is playing @baratunde's #NegroSpotting as a drinking game - they are assuredly okay to drive.DearWhitePeople
I wonder why Romney stopped at promising 12 million new jobs. Why not a billion? What happened to #WeBelieveInAmerica?? #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
And now for the dismount...Baratunde
Final #negrospotting count at #GOP2012 = 237. Maybe 60 of those were delegates or verifiable GOPBaratunde
Tonight's live tweets were made possible by reliable services from @twitter @cspan and @hooters. #webuiltit #GOP2012 #RNC2012Baratunde
And that is a wrap. Off to #DNC2012 next week. Can't imagine enduring more speeches and buttons and metal detectors. #priceoffreedomBaratunde
#packing #gop2012 #tampa #traveltunde #extrahashtag @ Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort
The false or misleading claims in Mitt Romney's speech: Caucus
"@samsteinhp: Woman interviewed on MSNBC just now: "I missed the entire thing, I was at Hooters." >>Wait, was she there with @baratunde?Celeste Payne
Final FINAL #negrospotting count at #gop2012 = 238. Saw brother in Romney s... (at Tampa International Airport (TPA)) —
How #eastwooding became a thing
"I wanted to watch the #RNC in a place that represented where we are as a nation. So I went to Hooters." - @baratunde Dunning
News #Hashout features @TimPawlenty @GeraldoRivera @RolandsMartin @keligoff @TaylorRHicks @helloross Hashout
Unsure what @baratunde's #negrospotting number is, we know now that only 47 were actual GOP delegates. (2 percent!) Demby (G.D.)
.@GeeDee215 I am so good at #negrospotting!! I estimated 60Baratunde
@baratunde my DAD just asked me if I knew about this #negrospotting business. #reachingtheboomersLisa Lucas
yes! “@misterfelder: @baratunde You should know that @wmuyumba brought up #negrospotting in our Af-Am Lit class yesterday. It's nationwide!”Baratunde
Hey @baratunde, @TheDailyShow is #negrospotting.Ian B.
As Team Romney plays the blame game over #Eastwooding, the finger-pointing lands on Romney himself. @mikiebarb @shearm: Parker
#negrospotting “@Steele_Michael: Where are the African Americans at the Republican convention? Not invited.”Baratunde
Even "Runner's World" is calling Paul Ryan a liar De Rosa
I haven't worn a lanyard or heard a political speech in over 24 hours. It's nice. #eyeofthestorm #gop2012 #DNC2012Baratunde
I am reasonably sure I have seen more black folk at this block party in Philly than black GOP delegates in Tampa. #negrospottingBaratunde
my RNC #negrospotting was pretty accurate. i estimated 60 black GOPers. turns out there were 46 delegates
CNN Camerawoman "Not Surprised" by Peanut-Throwing at RNC
And now, let's look at the democrats
the best-of @baratunde's DNC tweets (part 2 of 2)Hi there. Welcome to the Internet. My name is Baratunde, and I like to provide live Twitter coverage of events. One of the best examples ...