I don't know how they found me, but a group called Western Representation PAC just sent the following email:


Dear Patriot,

Stories and photos from the Day of Resistance rallies are still pouring in, and one thing we know for certain: the desire to protect the Second Amendment has never been stronger!

Over the course of this week, we're going to share with you details about specific Day of Resistance rallies from all across the country, as well as our plans for what to do going forward.

Western Representation PAC is committed to fighting for the Second Amendment. By electing pro-gun candidates and holding their feet to the fire, we can ensure the protection of the right that protects all other rights: the right to bear arms!

We're going to need your support to do this, however, and that's why we're giving you an opportunity to proudly show that you support the Second Amendment as well. For every donation this week of $25 or more, we're going to send a free "Second Amendment - The Original Homeland Security" bumper sticker.

So please join us in supporting your right to bear arms and make your donation of $25 or more


Bryan Shroyer
Executive Director
Western Representation PAC