Momma was a rollin stone

Momma was a rollin stone

I can't think of too many single images that best capture the journeying spirit of Arnita Lorraine Thurston. She was a traveler to the end and beyond, through the clearing at the end of the path. 

This photo was taken in Iowa on one of our mother's last big journeys. She had finally made her way west in a move to Washington State. My sister and I caravanned with her in a cross-country drive, and had a love-filled and charmed stop in Iowa.

A few weeks ago, I returned to Iowa for a show at Iowa State. The student assigned to bring me from the airport and I got to talking, and I mentioned this epic family road trip and the organic farm and restaurant we stumbled across outside of Waukee, Iowa. The student not only knew who I was talking about but knew the man himself, L.T.

I was saddened to hear that L.T. had recently had a stroke, and the fate of his business remains unclear to me, but on this day I choose to remember the joy he brought three hopeful and open travelers from DC as they journeyed together into the future.

Miss you ma.