The folks at Six Words Memoirs are running a Twitter festival and asked me to propose a topic then judge it. The rules, people had to tweet their entries in exactly six words. Obviously under 140 characters.

Here's the Tweet I pitched. 


These were some of my truly favorite ones

These are my favorite from the category I will call "WEIRD." 

Press conferences and Spanish featured prominently

Of course, race and stop and frisk... 

This tweet from Stephanie M., I think best captures Bloomberg's entire term and at least a lot of my own personal attitude toward the mayor's time in office.

But the actual technical, get-whatever-the-legally-declared-winner-gets winner (based on a tweet posted between 2:30 and 4pm ET) goes to this one.

Why? @ElBloombito is inspired hilarity. More than that, the account embodies something I learned from New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff. I just happened to meet him today for the first time along with my team from Cultivated Wit. Mankoff is a nerd for the history of humor, and he told us that Aristotle called humor "educated insolence."

In honor of the educated insolence we will all miss so much, thank you El Bloombito, and thanks Andy Roth for reminding us of what we will soon learn to do without.