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I'm big in Uganda?

A few weeks ago, Twitter comrade James Propa said he saw my image on a roadside advert in Uganda. I asked for a photo because, to my knowledge, I have not made any arrangements to sell my face in order to sell any products in Uganda. James responded last week.

If you know anyone who can help get to the bottom of this, let me know in the comments or via the contact page. Maybe I'll be up for a Ugandan Clio Award!

"I made a Facebook ad telling women the things I wish somebody had told me!" - @TeteSagehen

Have you ever felt confused, annoyed, offended or angered by a Facebook ad? If so, you're going to love this story.

Teresa Valdez Klein is one of my favorite people. I first met at a conference she organized in December 2007 in Seattle. It was all about Facebook, and I spoke on a Facebook Curmudgeons panel. Since then, Teresa and I have remained friends and shared conversation on topics big and small. I just checked out her Ignite presentation about subverting Facebook ads, and with the strongest endorsement, I urge you to do the same.

The Problem:

Teresa was feeling pressured by the hyper-targeted, often sexist Facebook ads rubbing her nose in the fact that she wasn't engaged or married, that she needed to lose weight and that she was doomed. Here's a sample








The Solution:

With the democratization of marketing made possible by Facebook's self-service ad model, Teresa made her own ads targeting women. She describes them as ads "telling women the things I wish somebody had told me." Here's a sample.







The Presentation.

It's five minutes. Watch it. 



As someone who has done a fair amount of media hacking myself (Twitter Swine Flu, Foursquare mayoral campaign, etc), I'm already a fan of the method, but the message itself is so worthwhile I can only express my utmost pride and respect for Teresa's work. Well done!

You can see Teresa's post on Feministing Community as well

The marketers behind NBC's "The Event" are geniuses.

Google Chrome

The Event is a new show on NBC, and it has the best marketing ever. First, notice how the second 'E' in the word "EVENT" is actually backwards? That indicates that this is no ordinary event but rather an extraordinary one. Anything is possible. Up is down. Left is right. Good is evil. And letters can be reversed! 

Second, notice the super subtle letter-play in the "what will you believe?" line. See, they buried the word "lie" inside the word "believe" implying that all is not as it seems on this show. You could believe a lie!