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What to do when Apple's #iPad2 comes out: pretend you bought one

It was an inspired moment as I waited in line with friends who wanted to be the first with their hands on the iPad: go inside with them, exist after them, pretend to have bought the device so as to receive undeserved acclaim from Apple employees and fanboys.

I consider it one of my greatest Internet actions. God, I wish I could sell commemorative plates of the moment. Be sure to check out the YouTube comments as they transition from what I did to a debate about communism

my more complete thoughts on iphone vs android phones. for now i choose android #phoneWARS

In catching up on thousands of emails, I found one from a friend looking for my advice on her phone choices: iphone vs. android. at&t vs t-mobile. Here's most of what I wrote.

As for T-Mobile. They're fine. Best network in the U.S. is probably Verizon, but their network is US-only, and so are most of their phones. AT&T for iPhone is notoriously horrible to the point that many high profile iphone fans have dropped the device because they can't use it to make phone calls reliably. Sprint is... well, Sprint.

I've found T-Mobile's network to be ok. Nothing spectacular, but ok overall and great in most cities. The customer service has been good especially compared with my previous experience with Sprint.

I'm still in the midst of my iPhone/Android dance but lean strongly toward staying with Android at least until the iPhone leaves AT&T. I used an unlocked/jailbroken iphone 2G from Feb 2008 - November 2008. From November until yesterday, I used a G1. From November 2008 - June 2009, I used an iPod touch for my media and gaming (ipod touch broke in mid july, and i haven't yet fixed/replaced). I just switched to the MyTouch 3G, and am very happy so far.

here are iPhone advantages
- way better apps (especially twitter and facebook)
- way more apps
- one device to sync media via iTunes
- can play purchased content from iTunes like TV & movies
- very pretty
- everyone has one (making the apps even more useful cause there's a community)
- better design and smoother user interface in general
- 2.5mm headphone jack

here are Android advantages (in G1/MyTouch 3G)
- no authoritarian control over the app store with nonsensical reasons to block certain apps
- google voice works great
- t-mobile and not at&t (tmobile refused to spy on americans for the unlawful nsa wiretapping program. at&t did it with glee)
- superior over the air syncing of gmail, google contacts, and google calendar (probably the only android apps that beat iphone apps)
- easily replaceable battery

For me it comes down to a handful of key issues

1) politics. i find it hard to give money to at&t after they sold out our civil liberties when I know t-mobile faced the same choice and chose to defend the constitution. i find it hard to support apple when it arbitrarily blocks applications that it deems too competitive with itself or at&t. i really think apple has no idea what its doing with its app store

2) my media syncing is important to me, especially having my podcasts. the G1/MyTouch doesn't have a 2.5mm headphone jack and force me to use a dongle. however, there's some software called Sailing Media Sync which lets me do a decent job of syncing media from iTunes to MyTouch (except for purchased video content and some ipod-specific formatted podcasts)

3) my communications apps are way more important to me in a phone than media. i have and can always use an ipod touch for apple media. as such android's superior handling of gmail, contacts, gcal and google voice outweigh iphone's superior handling of media and even its superior handline of facebook/twitter. I'm hoping for a truly robust twitter app for android a la TwitterFon, Tweetie or Tweetdeck (the current android top apps, Twidroid and TwitterRide just don't cut it). I also want Facebook to stop messing around and make a native Android FB app (on Android I have to deal with outsider apps called Bloo and Babbler). A native FourSquare app would be great as well.

4) competition. i love the iphone, but i love a competitive market that will lead to improved iphones and other smartphones more. right now, i choose to support the competition. my decision is subject to change at any moment.

hope this helps


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This Blog Post About Crap iPhone Apps Could Be Written About Life

The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog takes a look at "crap apps" -- those pieces of junk on the App Store that do one thing and do it pointlessly, whether that thing be farting or belching or making the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard (yes, really) or what have you. And they come up with a very intriguing, albeit obvious, reason that the App Store seems so filled with completely terrible and silly apps. Why? Because they sell.

Movies, TV shows, cars, food, people. There's crap in the world because we actually like crap. Done. No fancy Wall Street Journal analysis needed.

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The Baratunde Got Jacked Recovery & Reinvestment Act IS FULLY FUNDED THANK YOU

UPDATE: IN ONE WEEK WE DID IT, AND I LOVE YOU ALL. I AM SO GRATEFUL RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU TIPJOY, PAYPAL AND SUPER DUPER GENEROUS RIDICULOUS INTERNET FRIENDS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I'LL POST A VIDEO LATER. --- Hey fam, On april 17th, while performing at a Manhattan club, someone stole my bag with laptop, keys, wallet, canon digital camera, canteen and deodorant! Yeah, they stole the deodorant too. That's a cold bastard right there. I really don't have the funds to replace it but need these tools to do my job. I'm suggesting a $5 donation to help me get it back. That's 700 people I need donations from. With 4,500 twitter followers and 3,500 facebook friends, I'm hoping I can get through. I love what I do and it's near impossible without my tools. Here's a somber, heart-wrenching, emotional, personal, video appeal: Hopefully $5 to you is less of a big deal than $3.500 to me. How I plan to spend the money.
  • replace my macbook pro, case and applecare
  • replace my digital camera
  • purchase Undercover, a tracking application all mac laptop users should install that helps recover stolen laptops
I'll finally be getting renter's insurance (something I should have had) and need to replace all kinds of keys and my driver's license. I'll also probably subscribe to that LifeLock service since all sorts of personal info was on the stolen laptop. This is just a major inconvenience, and while I'm distracted by this crime, our enemies are not letting up! Please help me rejoin the fight -- the fight to make people laugh, the fight to keep geeking out, the fight to promote active citizenship in all the ways I know how. If you appreciate what I do, you can show it with a $5 (or more (or less)) donation. Thanks. Here's how it works. TipJoy is set up to use Twitter, but if you don't use twitter, go here: The widget below is for twitter users. You fill in your info, and can announce a donation to my just cause via a Twitter status update. If you don't want to give up your password, TipJoy can let you authenticate your twitter account here If you don't wanna be down with TipJoy, a direct paypal to would work.

Hot Dang, I'm Featured On @Mashable!

New York City is rife with digital savvy and entrepreneurial vision, so much so that not only has social media permeated through Silicon Alley, but it’s stretching its reach to the arts, entertainment, and fashion.

A city with such density begs for community events that bring together people with a passion for the web as a social platform. With more than we can possibly list, the variety of New York’s events is nothing to scoff at as they continue to attract hundreds, if not thousands, on a monthly basis.

We’ve tried our hardest to present the best of the city’s offerings, but we know that this is only a sampling of the deserving individuals and organizations who are advancing a more social way of thinking in the Big Apple.

Mashable is one of the hottest sites covering "social media," and the folks there have been focusing on social media activity in a few key hub cities. In this one, they highlight NYC and mention me! Woohoo. That really is quite an honor, mostly because of the wide range of awesomeness encompassed by the other people, events and organizations they profiled.

Some of my favorites are included, like: lynne d johnson, Carrot Creative,, Gary V, Natali del Conte, 92Y, Caroline McCarthy, Internet Week and Boxee!!! Make sure to click through and check out the entire post. Click on the juicy ads... twice!

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Monitor eBay & Craigslist. Help Me Recover My Stolen Laptop

Less than 24 hours ago, my bag with laptop, keys, wallet etc was stolen. I'm beginning to accept the idea, and am in post-disaster recovery mode. One article suggested keeping an eye on ebay and craigslist for people trying to sell your stuff.

In that spirit, here's what was stolen.

  • MacBook Pro
  • 15.4 inch screen
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 320GB hard drive
  • 2.8 GHZ process
  • Serial number W88470CQ4RA

I don't know the MAC address but think I can get that number from the router at my office.

What I need:

1) Help setting up an RSS feed or other tracking system to alert me when items matching these conditions (save the serial number) are posted on Craigslist or eBay within the NYC area.

2) If you buy a used laptop matching these specs in the coming weeks or months, check the serial number. If it's mine, then you got a stolen laptop.

I've reported this to the police and to Apple. I'm looking into the insurance policy on the credit card used to purchase it. I'm assuming I won't get the machine back, but I'd like to try. I named it ObamaBook, since I bought it after the election.

Here's a picture

The obamabook pro brings change to my computer situation

If you have suggestions, ideas, RSS feeds etc, please drop them in the comments or contact me directly. baratunde---at --gmail_ _dot+com

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